How to Restrict Profile Creation on Disney Plus


Creating different profiles on Disney Plus makes it possible for multiple users of a Disney Plus account to each have their own profile tailored to the content that they watch. However, if you have small kids you may not want them to be able to create their own profiles where they could watch content you don’t want them watching. Thankfully, Disney makes it easy to turn on a feature that requires users to enter the Disney Plus account password before they can create a new profile.

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Steps to Restrict Profile Creation on Disney Plus

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to, and then log in to your Disney Plus account if prompted. If you forget your account password you can easily reset it. You’ll land on your Disney Plus home screen.
  2. Click your Disney Plus profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click “Account” in this menu. The Account screen opens.
Click Account.

  1. Scroll down to the Settings section, and then click to turn the toggle off associated with “Restrict Profile Creation.” A windows pops up prompting you to enter and confirm your Disney Plus password.
Toggle off Restrict Profile Creation.

  1. Enter your Disney Plus password and then click “Continue.” Going forward users will need to enter the Disney Plus account password before they can create a new Disney Plus profile on your account.
Enter your Disney Plus password.

Reasons to Restrict Profile Creation on Disney Plus

1. Parental Control

Disney+ hosts a wide spectrum of content, some of which may not be suitable for children. Parents could restrict profile creation to maintain a safe, kid-friendly environment. This strategy ensures young viewers access only age-appropriate shows and movies. This method of supervision, enhancing digital safety, brings peace of mind to caregivers.

2. Avoiding Content Clutter

Multiple profiles on Disney+ can lead to a mishmash of viewing preferences. Each user’s unique tastes influence the platform’s recommendations. Too many profiles can disrupt the personalized feel of the service. By restricting profile creation, each user can enjoy a tailored, clutter-free viewing experience. This leads to an easier content discovery process, enriching the overall streaming experience.

3. Limiting Bandwidth Use

Streaming demands considerable internet bandwidth. When numerous profiles consume content concurrently, it could potentially degrade the network speed. Restricting profile creation can manage bandwidth usage effectively. A controlled number of profiles ensures smoother streaming and more stable internet connection for all users, enhancing the viewing experience.

4. Preventing Unwanted Users

Shared account details can sometimes invite unwanted users. These users might create unauthorized profiles, potentially disrupting the account’s equilibrium. By restricting profile creation, account owners can safeguard against unwarranted intrusion. This measure helps maintain the account’s integrity and fosters a more secure streaming environment.

5. Subscription Plans

Certain Disney+ subscription plans set a limit on the number of profiles per account. Restricting profile creation ensures compliance with these terms. By staying within the plan’s boundaries, users can avoid any potential issues or penalties. This strategy promotes a responsible approach to using streaming services and ensures a trouble-free experience.

6. Maintaining Privacy

Restricting profile creation on Disney+ can also help maintain privacy. Each profile accumulates a viewing history and stores personal preferences. Some users might prefer keeping this information private. Therefore, limiting the number of profiles protects users’ viewing habits from exposure, thereby preserving their privacy.

7. Account Management

Account management becomes simpler with limited profile creation. Account owners can keep track of all profiles, better understanding who uses the service and their viewing preferences. A limit on profiles promotes better control over account settings, ensuring all changes align with the owner’s preferences. This approach to management maintains the account’s stability and promotes a seamless viewing experience.

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