How to Connect JBL Speakers Together Using PartyBoost


JBL PartyBoost is the latest technology from JBL that lets you easily connect multiple speakers together to play audio from the same source. As a matter of fact JBL PartyBoost lets you connect up to 100 speaker together. The only downside is that you can’t connect a PartyBoost speaker and a JBL Connect or Connect+ speaker together. You can only connect one JBL PartyBoost speaker to another PartyBoost speaker. The list of speakers that use JBL PartyBoost at the time of this article includes JBL Xtreme 3, JBL Charge 5, JBL Flip 5 and the JBL Pulse 4.

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Steps to Connect JBL Speakers Together Using PartyBoost

  1. Turn on any of the JBL portable Bluetooth speakers you want to connect to each other using PartyBoost. In this example I’ll connect my JBL Charge 5 and my JBL Flip 5 using PartyBoost.
  2. Connect one of the JBL Bluetooth speakers to your source device via Bluetooth. In this example I’ll connect my JBL Flip 5 to my iPhone.

You can confirm the connection by looking at the Bluetooth button on your speaker to confirm the LED backlight is on.

  1. Press the PartyBoost button on the speaker that’s connected to your source device.

  1. The LED light ring around the center buttons will light up to confirm that PartyBoost is turned on. In this case I can see the LED ring around the Power and Bluetooth buttons is lit up.

  1. Now press the PartyBoost button on the other JBL speaker you want to connect to. In this example, I’ll press the PartyBoost button on my JBL Charge 5.

  1. Again, you’ll see the LED light ring around the center buttons light up to confirm the PartyBoost feature is enabled. At this point both JBL speakers should be connected.

Now, any audio you play through your source speaker will automatically play through the other connected PartyBoost speaker as well. You can disconnect the speakers at any time by pressing the PartyBoost button again to turn it off. You’ll probably want to turn off PartyBoost on the speaker that isn’t connected to your source device so you don’t lose the audio connection entirely.

Steps to Troubleshoot Connecting JBL Speakers Using PartyBoost

Now let’s look at how to troubleshoot connecting your JBL speakers using PartyBoost if you run into issues.

  • While PartyBoost does work over an incredibly long range of roughly 50 yards, other wireless devices and objects can cause interference. If you’re having connection issues try moving the two speakers you’re trying to pair closer together.
  • If you’re still having connection problems after that you’ll want to disconnect any other speakers or Bluetooth devices from your source device, as those can cause problems.
  • And if you’re still having headaches the last option you can try is to re-pair your source device to your JBL Bluetooth speaker.

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