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Roblox is a platform with tons of great games that kids love. And while Roblox does a generally good job of keeping your kids safe in games, it does offer parental controls you can use to further monitor what your child does and control what they can do. You don’t need a separate parent account to set up parental controls on your child’s Roblox account, but rather you set up parental controls by logging in to your child’s Roblox account.

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Steps to Use Roblox Parental Controls

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to the Roblox website, and then sign in to your child’s Roblox account if you’re not signed in already. You’ll land on your child’s Roblox home screen.
  2. Click the “Settings” icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click “Settings” in that menu.

  1. Click “Parental Controls” in the menu on the left side of the screen. Parental controls options for this Roblox account will be shown on the right side of the screen.

  1. Navigate to the Parent PIN section and then click to turn on the toggle in this section if you want to enable a PIN that will need to be entered before anyone using this account can change the settings. The Add PIN window will pop up. Enter what you want to be the 4-digit PIN code in the two fields in this window, and then tap “Add.” A success message is shown, letting you know that your PIN code is now set up and will be required before anyone can access the Settings page going forward. Click “OK” to go back to the My Settings screen.

  1. Navigate to the Account Restrictions section. You can turn on the toggle in this section to ensure that your child only has access to age-appropriate content on Roblox.

  1. Navigate to the Monthly Spend Restrictions section. If you turn this toggle on you’ll be able to set a maximum dollar amount your child can spend in Roblox on a monthly basis. Make sure you tap “Save” after entering a new spending limit.

  1. Navigate to the Spend Notifications section. You can turn on the toggle in this section to get notifications associated with your child’s spending on Roblox. You can click the drop-down field in this section to choose whether you want to see the default notifications, where you’ll only be notified if your child’s spending looks high in a given month, or you can choose “All Notifications” if you want to get a notification every time your child makes a purchase in Roblox.

Reasons to Use Roblox Parental Controls

1. Setting Age-Appropriate Content Restrictions

Parents want to ensure their children only access age-appropriate content on Roblox. The platform has a variety of games and experiences, some of which may not be suitable for younger children. Parental controls allow parents to set content restrictions based on age ratings and block access to games that are not appropriate. This helps protect children from exposure to content that may be too mature, violent or sexual in nature.

2. Limiting Screen Time

Screen time has become a major concern for many parents. Too much screen time can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, eye strain and a reduction in physical activity. Roblox parental controls allow parents to set limits on the amount of time their children can spend on the platform. This helps balance screen time with other activities, such as homework, physical exercise, and socializing.

3. Blocking Inappropriate Interactions

Online interactions can be unpredictable and potentially harmful. Roblox parental controls allow parents to block or limit online interactions that may be inappropriate or potentially dangerous. This includes blocking chats and private messages, as well as limiting or disabling voice chat. By blocking these interactions, parents can ensure their children are protected from online bullying, harassment, and other harmful interactions.

4. Monitoring Online Activity

Roblox is a social platform, and parents want to know what their children are doing and with whom they are communicating. Parental controls allow parents to monitor their children’s online activity, including the games they play and the groups they join. This helps parents stay informed about their children’s online experiences and provides a way to address any concerns or issues that arise.

5. Preventing In-App Purchases

In-app purchases can quickly add up, especially for children who may not understand the value of money. Roblox parental controls allow parents to prevent in-app purchases without their consent. This helps ensure children do not make unintended purchases and helps families avoid unexpected charges on their credit card.

6. Enforcing Safe Chat Rules

Safe chat is an important aspect of online safety. Roblox has strict rules against hate speech, bullying, and harassment. Parental controls allow parents to enforce these rules by blocking or limiting chats and private messages. This helps ensure children have a safe and positive experience on the platform.

7. Protecting Personal Information

Protecting personal information is essential for online safety. Roblox parental controls allow parents to control what personal information their children share on the platform. This includes controlling the visibility of their profile, the information they include in their profile, and the personal information they share with others. By protecting personal information, parents can help ensure their children are protected from online predators and identity theft.

8. Providing a Safer Online Experience

Ultimately, the goal of using Roblox parental controls is to provide children with a safer and more secure online experience. By setting restrictions, monitoring activity, and protecting personal information, parents can help ensure their children have a positive and safe experience on the platform. This helps children develop positive online habits, enhances their digital literacy, and helps prepare them for a safe and successful digital future.

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