How to Recover Deleted Posts in Facebook Mobile App


Maybe you deleted a Facebook post because it started a debate you didn’t want in the comments. Or, maybe you posted something and then deleted it because you wanted to do more research on a topic. Or, maybe someone else asked you to take a post down. No matter the reason why you deleted a Facebook post, you may find yourself having a change of heart and wanting to restore it. Thankfully, Facebook makes it easy to recover your deleted posts and restore them. The only catch is that Facebook permanently deletes deleted posts after 30 days, so you only have a 30-day window where your deleted posts are available to restore.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Posts in Facebook Mobile App

  1. Open the Facebook mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Tap “Menu” on the home screen. A menu screen opens.
  2. Tap “See Your Profile” at the top of the screen. Your Facebook profile screen is displayed.
Tap See Your Profile.
  1. Tap the ellipses icon that appears next to Edit Profile. The Profile Settings screen is shown.
Tap the ellipses icon that appears next to Edit Profile.
  1. Tap “Archive.” You’ll land on your Facebook Archive screen.
Tap Archive.
  1. Tap “Trash.” You’ll see a list of all of the Facebook posts you’ve deleted within the last 30 days.
Tap Trash.
  1. Find the post you want to recover, and then tap the ellipses next to that post. A menu pops up on the bottom of the screen.
Tap the ellipses next to the post you want to recover.
  1. Tap “Restore to Profile.” A window pops up asking if you’re sure you want this post to be restored to your Facebook profile, where it will be visible to the audience who could see it before it was deleted.
Tap Restore to Profile.
  1. Tap “Restore.” The post will be removed from your trash folder and restored to your Facebook profile.
Tap Restore.

Reasons You May Want to Recover a Deleted Facebook Post

1. Personal Memories and Sentimental Value

Losing a Facebook post that holds personal memories and sentimental value can be devastating. Posts such as old photos, birthday messages, and other special moments can evoke feelings of nostalgia and serve as valuable mementos. Unfortunately, these posts can get deleted by mistake or lost due to technical issues. That’s why many people look for ways to recover deleted Facebook posts. By using available tools or contacting Facebook support, you may be able to retrieve the lost post and restore its significance in your life.

2. Historical Documentation or Evidence

Facebook is not only a platform for connecting with friends and family, but it’s also a vast repository of historical information. From political events to cultural movements, Facebook has captured it all. When you come across a post that contains important information or serves as evidence of a particular event, you want to keep it safe. But, if the post gets deleted, you may be left with an incomplete story. To fill in the gaps, recovering the deleted Facebook post becomes crucial. With the right approach, you may be able to retrieve the post and preserve its historical value.

3. Marketing or Promotional Purposes

For businesses and content creators, Facebook is an essential marketing tool. When you launch a promotional campaign or post an advertisement, you expect it to reach a large audience and drive conversions. However, if the post gets deleted, you may lose valuable opportunities. In such cases, recovering the deleted Facebook post becomes imperative. With the right tools and strategies, you may be able to retrieve the post, restore its visibility, and continue with your marketing efforts.

4. Legal or Regulatory Reasons

In some cases, deleted Facebook posts can have legal implications. Posts that contain defamatory statements, hate speech, or other forms of illegal content can be subject to legal action. To protect yourself, it’s crucial to have a record of such posts and their deletion. If a post gets deleted, recovering it becomes essential to build a solid case. With the right tools and techniques, you may be able to retrieve the deleted Facebook post and use it as evidence in court.

5. Business or Professional Records

For many businesses and professionals, Facebook is a valuable source of information and records. Posts that contain critical feedback, customer reviews, or other forms of business communication can be essential for improving operations and making informed decisions. When such posts get deleted, retrieving them becomes necessary to preserve their value. By using the right tools or contacting Facebook support, you may be able to recover the deleted Facebook post and use it for your business or professional needs.

6. Critical Feedback or Important Comments

Critical feedback and important comments play a crucial role in shaping our online conversations and interactions. When someone posts a comment on your Facebook page, you want to keep it for posterity. However, if the comment gets deleted, you may miss out on valuable insights and perspectives. To avoid this, recovering the deleted Facebook post becomes a priority. By using the right tools and techniques, you may be able to retrieve the comment and continue the conversation.

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