How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook


By default, Facebook displays your birthday information to your friends. However, if you don’t want everyone your friends with to be able to see this information, it’s possible to hide either your birth day, or year, or both.

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Steps to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Tap the “Menu” icon and then “See Your Profile.” If you’re using the website, you just need to click your profile picture. You’ll land on your Facebook profile screen.

  1. Tap “Edit Public Details” to display the Edit Profile screen, and then tap “Edit Your About Info” on this screen. The About screen is shown.

  1. Navigate to the Basic Info section, and then tap “Edit” in that section. The Edit Profile screen is displayed. You’ll see separate drop-downs next to both your birth date and birth year.

  1. To hide either your birth date or your birth year, tap the drop-down next to those options to open a menu, tap “More Options” in the menu, and then choose “Only Me.”

  1. Tap “Save” to save your changes. Going forward, no one will be able to see the birthday information you set to only be viewed by you.

Reasons to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

1. Privacy Concerns

People are increasingly aware of their online privacy. In the world of social media, personal details like birthdays can be easily accessed. This raises concerns for many, as they value their privacy. It isn’t comforting for people to know strangers might learn such information. Hiding one’s birthday on Facebook ensures their personal life remains personal.

2. Security Reasons

Security online is paramount. Birth dates are often used in security protocols for various platforms. If these become public knowledge, people might become vulnerable to cybercrime. Identity theft is a real concern. By keeping their birth date private, individuals reduce their risk of being targeted by hackers.

3. Avoiding Unsolicited Messages

Many individuals don’t enjoy unsolicited messages, especially from acquaintances or strangers. During birthdays, people often receive numerous messages. While some appreciate these, others see them as intrusive. By hiding their birthday, they can avoid such messages and maintain their peace.

4. Ageism

Ageism is a societal issue affecting many areas, including employment. People may fear bias or discrimination due to their age. By hiding their birthday, they prevent potential ageist behaviors. This ensures their age doesn’t affect their online relationships, keeping them based on merit and shared interests.

5. Personal Preferences

Individual preferences differ. Some people don’t relish birthday celebrations, viewing them as unnecessary. Others might find the attention uncomfortable or excessive. They would rather spend the day quietly without any fanfare. Hiding their birthday can make this possible, letting them enjoy the day as they wish.

6. Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Professional boundaries are crucial in today’s interconnected world. Facebook often blurs these boundaries, with coworkers becoming ‘friends’. Some people would rather keep their professional and personal lives separate. Hiding their birthday on Facebook ensures this separation, fostering a more professional online image.

7. Mental Health Reasons

For some, birthdays are a source of stress or anxiety. They might struggle with feelings of sadness or depression, especially on this day. Hiding their birthday can help them avoid these feelings. They can pass the day quietly, without unwanted reminders of their age or personal circumstances.

8. Avoiding Birthday Scams

Scammers exploit personal information like birthdays. They use this knowledge to trick friends and family into scams, pretending to buy gifts or send money. By hiding their birthday on Facebook, people protect not only themselves, but their connections too, from such fraudulent schemes.

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