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If you no longer use Spotify, it may be a good idea to have the company delete your account. Having Spotify delete your account ensures that any personal information about you is removed from their systems, and your remaining information is anonymized. If you want to re-open another Spotify account using the email address associated with the Spotify account you deleted you can do that, but you need to wait at least 14 days. And finally, deleting your Spotify account is only possible through the Spotify website and can’t be done using the Spotify mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Steps to Delete Spotify Account

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to You’ll land on the Contact Spotify page.
  2. Click “Account” in the first list of options, and then choose “I Want to Close My Account” on the next screen. Another screen appears asking you what you want to do.

  1. Click “Contact to Close.” A screen appears prompting you enter your name and describe your issue so you can be put in touch with Spotify’s support bot.

  1. Enter your name, describe your issue as something that indicates you want to close your Spotify account, and then click “Start Chat.” The Spotify support bot message window pops up.

  1. Click “Close My Account” in the list of options at the bottom of the window. Another message appears asking if you’re sure you want to close your Spotify account.

  1. Click “Close My Account” again. You’ll be asked why you want to close your account. Enter the reason for closing your account.

  1. Answer any additional questions about why you want to close your account. When you’re asked to review your account information, review and confirm by clicking “Yep, that’s my account.” You’ll be presented with a list of what you’ll lose by deleting your Spotify account.

  1. Click “I understand.” Another message is presented that says your personal data will be deleted or anonymized.

  1. Click “I understand this too.” Finally, you’ll get a message from the Spotify bot that says you’ll get an email to close your account. Click “OK, I’ll check my email to close.”

  1. Navigate to the email address associated with your Spotify account, and then open the email from Spotify asking you to confirm that you want to close your account. Click “Close My Account” in this email.

You’ll be routed to the Spotify All Done screen, where you’ll see confirmation that your Spotify account is closed and you won’t be able to log into it anymore.

Reasons to Delete a Spotify Account

1. Switching to a Different Service

Switching to a new music streaming platform often motivates users to delete their Spotify accounts. Other services may offer unique features, such as Apple Music’s integration with the entire Apple ecosystem. Amazon Music may provide benefits for Prime members. Tidal offers high-fidelity audio for audiophiles. YouTube Music appeals to those who want seamless integration between music videos and audio tracks. Differences in music libraries and exclusive content also influence this decision.

2. Cost Savings

Spotify Premium comes with a cost. This recurrent expense may not be justified for individuals who use the service infrequently. By deleting their accounts, they can save the monthly subscription fee. For those who only occasionally listen to music or don’t mind ads, free alternatives could be more suitable. Every saved penny contributes to their financial health.

3. Privacy Concerns

Privacy has become a significant concern in today’s digital age. Spotify, like many digital platforms, collects user data. This data informs about listening habits, preferences, and behavior. Some people may feel uncomfortable with this level of data collection. They might choose to delete their Spotify account to safeguard their privacy and control their digital footprint.

4. Too Much Clutter

Over time, users can accumulate a large number of playlists and saved songs on Spotify. This buildup can feel cluttered and unmanageable, causing some users stress. Rather than meticulously pruning their collections, some people might find it easier to delete their accounts entirely, thus getting rid of the overwhelming digital mess.

5. Technical Issues

Technical problems with the Spotify app can also lead to account deletion. If Spotify frequently crashes, doesn’t function correctly on a device, or the music quality is subpar, it can frustrate users. Such persistent issues can outweigh the benefits of the service, leading some users to delete their accounts entirely in search of a more reliable platform.

6. To Reduce Screen Time

Reducing screen time is a growing trend. As part of this movement, users often delete online accounts that are not essential to them. Deleting a Spotify account can help individuals spend less time looking at screens and more time engaging with the world around them. It’s a step towards a more mindful, less digitally-dependent lifestyle.

7. Disagree with Company Policies

Users may not always agree with Spotify’s business practices, policies, or ethical decisions. Issues could range from the company’s data usage policies to its treatment of artists. Disagreement with how Spotify handles certain situations can lead some users to delete their accounts. It’s a way to ensure their actions align with their values.

8. Duplication of Accounts

At times, users may find themselves with multiple Spotify accounts. This could occur due to forgetfulness, or it might be a result of a plan change. Having multiple accounts can lead to confusion, repeated charges, and playlist replication. Deleting the extra accounts can solve these problems, providing a streamlined experience.

9. Rebranding or Identity Change

People evolve, and so do their tastes. A user might want to distance themselves from the music they used to listen to. They may desire to cultivate a new image or user identity on Spotify. Deleting an old Spotify account and creating a new one can signify this change, enabling users to redefine their musical identities.

10. Lack of Use

Spotify accounts may become redundant for those who don’t use them. Unnecessary accounts contribute to digital clutter, making account management more complicated. Deleting a dormant Spotify account is a good housekeeping measure. It simplifies the user’s digital life, letting them focus on the platforms they do use regularly.

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