How to Use Anonymous Browsing on Reddit App for iPhone, iPad and Android


By default, Reddit tracks all of your activity, and makes it easy for other people to see it. As a result, if you’re going to be browsing any of the more questionable corners of the platform, you may want to consider using Reddit’s private browsing mode called anonymous browsing. Reddit’s anonymous browsing mode doesn’t store your browsing and search history. Additionally, you won’t receive personalized recommendations or notifications based on your activity. And finally, anonymous browsing mode is only available on the Reddit mobile app, and not on the Reddit website.

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Steps to Use Anonymous Browsing on Reddit App for iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. Launch the Reddit app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top of this screen to open a menu.

  1. Tap the drop-down arrow next to your Reddit profile name to open a menu on the screen.

  1. Tap “Anonymous Browsing” in this menu. A screen is displayed letting you know that what you do in Reddit’s anonymous browsing mode is private, and your browsing and search history won’t be saved to your account, and you won’t receive personalized recommendations or notifications based on your activity.

  1. Tap “OK” if you want to continue and use anonymous browsing mode in Reddit.

You’ll return to your Reddit home screen where you’ll see your profile icon replaced by a generic Reddit icon. You can leave Reddit’s anonymous browsing mode at any time by tapping that profile icon to bring up this window, and then tap “Leave Anonymous Browsing” mode to exit the private browsing mode.

Can I Browse Reddit Anonymously on PC?

As of the writing of this article, you can only browse Reddit anonymously using your Reddit account on the Reddit mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. However, there is a workaround you can use that, while not perfect, will allow you to look at Reddit somewhat anonymously on a desktop web browser. That option involves using the incognito mode on your preferred web browser and simply not logging into your account. There will be limitations to this approach, but your actions won’t be tracked. Use the following links to find the instructions for using incognito mode in your preferred web browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Reasons to Use Anonymous Browsing in Reddit App

1. Privacy

Valuing privacy is the core reason for anonymous browsing. Users prefer not to have their online behavior traceable. This might stem from a general desire for personal space or fear of identity theft. Using anonymous browsing on Reddit, users keep their reading and posting history private. It allows individuals to explore topics and engage in discussions without leaving a digital footprint.

2. Avoid Personalized Ads

Reddit users often prefer anonymous browsing to prevent data collection for personalized ads. While Reddit doesn’t collect data for advertising, third-party advertisers might. Anonymous browsing makes it challenging for these entities to gather personal information, resulting in a more neutral, less invasive browsing experience. Users are spared the barrage of ads tailored based on their browsing history, leading to a more organic online experience.

3. Research

Anonymous browsing is a powerful tool for researchers. It allows them to observe trends, discussions, and behavior patterns on Reddit without influence. This offers a more genuine perspective of the platform’s user behavior, yielding more accurate research results. Anonymity facilitates the exploration of diverse topics and the collection of unbiased data without the researcher’s identity becoming a factor.

4. Sensitive Topics

The anonymity feature comes in handy while exploring sensitive topics on Reddit. These could range from medical conditions to personal challenges or controversial issues. The fear of judgement is significantly reduced when browsing anonymously. It provides a safe space to engage in discussions, seek advice, or gain insights without fear of stigma or backlash.

5. Professional Reasons

Keeping professional and personal lives separate is crucial for many. Anonymous browsing offers a way to use Reddit without the risk of colleagues, employers, or clients discovering activity that might be deemed inappropriate or distracting. It enables professionals to maintain their online reputation while freely browsing or posting on Reddit during personal time.

6. Prevent Tracking

Internet service providers (ISPs) and governments can track online behavior. For some users, this is a significant concern. They turn to anonymous browsing to prevent tracking of their Reddit activities. Anonymity provides a layer of protection, reducing the chances of unwanted observation. It contributes to personal autonomy and a sense of security in the digital world.

7. Avoid Regional Restrictions

Sometimes, content on Reddit might be blocked due to geographical restrictions. Anonymous browsing can circumvent these limitations, opening up a broader range of information and discussions. Users value this feature for its ability to provide access to a more diverse set of opinions and experiences, enriching their overall Reddit experience.

8. Multiple Identities

Anonymous browsing allows users to maintain multiple identities on Reddit. A user may have distinct identities for different topics, like technology, politics, or hobbies. Anonymity ensures that these identities remain separate, each providing a unique lens through which the user interacts with Reddit. It fosters a tailored and compartmentalized browsing experience.

9. Safety Reasons

In an era where online harassment is a real concern, anonymous browsing provides a safety net. It protects users from potential harm by keeping their identities concealed. The feature empowers them to participate freely in discussions and voice opinions without the fear of harassment. Anonymity is a significant step towards safer online spaces.

10. Freedom of Expression

Anonymous browsing on Reddit paves the way for unrestricted expression of thoughts and opinions. Without the fear of judgement or consequences, users can express their views more freely. This openness encourages diverse discussions and perspectives, making Reddit a vibrant platform for discourse. Anonymity promotes democratic ideals in the digital space.

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