How to View Close Friends List on Facebook


Adding someone to your Facebook close friends list ensures that you’ll see all of their posts on the platform, and be able to easily create posts for just your close friends to see. The downside is that over time you can easily forget who you’ve added as a close friend. Thankfully, you can see your full list of close Facebook friends on the Facebook website. At present, you can’t see your Facebook close friends in the Facebook mobile app.

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Steps to View Close Friends List on Facebook

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to, and then log in to your Facebook account if prompted. You’ll land on your Facebook home screen. As I’ve noted, you can only view your Facebook close friends list through the Facebook website and not through the Facebook mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  2. Click “Friends” in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click “Custom Lists” in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click “Close Friends” in this list. A list of all of your close friends on Facebook is displayed in the window on the right side of the screen.

Reasons Someone Would Want to View Their Close Friends on Facebook

1. Staying Connected

Building strong connections with close friends is vital for our emotional well-being. Actively viewing the close friends list on Facebook helps maintain these relationships. By checking in on friends’ profiles, we show our interest in their lives. Engaging with their posts allows us to share experiences and offer encouragement. This interaction fosters a sense of belonging, which strengthens our social bonds.

2. Prioritizing Updates

With countless updates and information flooding our Facebook feeds, we risk missing essential news from close friends. Prioritizing updates helps filter out the noise, allowing us to focus on what matters most. We can celebrate friends’ achievements, empathize with their struggles, and participate in their lives more meaningfully. A prioritized feed enhances our social media experience and nurtures our closest relationships.

3. Sharing Content

Sharing content with our close friends list ensures that only a select group sees our posts. This selective sharing allows us to express ourselves more authentically, without fear of judgment from a broader audience. By creating a safe space for self-expression, we deepen our connections with close friends, fostering a sense of trust and understanding.

4. Privacy Control

Maintaining privacy is crucial in today’s digital age. Regularly reviewing our close friends list ensures that our privacy settings align with our preferences. By allowing only close friends to view certain content, we protect our personal information and create a secure environment for self-expression.

5. Organizing Friends

Keeping our close friends list up-to-date is essential for meaningful social media interactions. Adding new friends or removing those who no longer fit allows us to maintain a relevant and dynamic list. Regularly reviewing our close friends list ensures that our connections remain strong and our Facebook experience remains rewarding.

6. Emotional Support

Our close friends list serves as a valuable resource for emotional support during challenging times. By viewing our list, we can quickly identify friends who are likely to offer understanding, encouragement, or advice. Engaging with these friends in times of need helps us feel supported and strengthens our bonds.

7. Event Planning

When organizing events, our close friends list provides a convenient way to invite a specific group of friends. By involving our nearest and dearest in our celebrations and gatherings, we create memorable experiences and reinforce our connections. Events planned with close friends foster a sense of community and belonging.

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