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Have you ever needed to print or view a receipt from your Amazon purchases? Whether it’s for business, warranty purposes, or just personal record-keeping, I’ve got you covered. In this article I’ll walk you through the quick and easy process of viewing and printing your Amazon order receipts. The only catch is that you can only view and print Amazon order receipts through the Amazon web browser, and you can’t do this through the Amazon mobile app.

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Steps to View and Print Amazon Order Receipts

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Again, you can only view and print Amazon order receipts through the Amazon web browser, and you can’t do this through the Amazon mobile app.
  2. Click to expand “Accounts and Lists” at the top of the screen, and then click “Orders” in this menu. The Your Orders screen is shown.
Click to expand Accounts and Lists at the top of the screen, and then click Orders in this menu.

  1. Find the order you want to view and print an Amazon order receipt for, and then click “View Order Details” associated with that order. The Order Details screen is shown.
Find the order you want to view and print an Amazon order receipt for, and then click View Order Details associated with that order.

  1. Click “View or Print Invoice” at the top part of the order details.
Click View or Print Invoice at the top part of the order details.

The order receipt for that Amazon order will be displayed. If you want to print this receipt, simply click the “Print this page for your records” link at the top of the page.

The order receipt for that Amazon order will be displayed. If you want to print this receipt, simply click the Print this page for your records link at the top of the page.

Reasons to View and Print Amazon Order Receipts

1. Expense Tracking

Viewing and printing Amazon order receipts is a key practice in managing personal finances. These receipts detail each purchase, providing insight into spending habits. This practice helps in categorizing expenses, identifying areas for budget cuts, and understanding consumption patterns. Individuals aiming for better financial discipline find printed receipts useful for maintaining physical records of their online purchases. This tangible form of tracking aids in creating a comprehensive picture of one’s financial health.

2. Business Accounting

For businesses, printed Amazon receipts are vital for maintaining transparent and accurate financial records. They serve as indispensable documentation for tax purposes, ensuring compliance with financial regulations. These receipts are often required during audits, providing evidence of business-related expenditures. Companies also use them for employee reimbursement, as they clearly itemize the purchased items and their costs, facilitating the validation of expense claims.

3. Warranty and Returns

Printed Amazon receipts are essential for warranty claims and return processes. They act as undeniable proof of purchase, often required by retailers and manufacturers. This documentation is crucial when an item needs to be returned or exchanged due to defects or dissatisfaction. Having a physical receipt simplifies these processes, ensuring that consumers can easily claim their rights under a product’s warranty or return policy.

4. Gift Verification

When an item from Amazon is gifted, the accompanying printed receipt can play a critical role. It helps in verifying the item’s value, which is particularly important for insurance purposes. In instances where the recipient might need to exchange the gift, this receipt provides the necessary proof of purchase. It also helps in establishing the authenticity and value of the gift, especially for more expensive or significant items.

5. Insurance Claims

In cases of loss, theft, or damage, printed Amazon receipts are crucial for insurance claims. They provide the necessary proof of ownership and the item’s value, which is indispensable for reimbursement processes. Insurance companies often require this detailed documentation to process a claim. Having these receipts ensures that the claims are substantiated, increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution.

6. Personal Record-Keeping

Individuals often print Amazon receipts for meticulous personal record-keeping. This habit is particularly prevalent among those who value a detailed documentation of their purchasing history. Keeping physical copies of receipts assists in tracking high-value purchases, creating a historical record of expenditures. This practice is not just about financial management but also about preserving a tangible record of one’s consumer history.

7. Dispute Resolution

Printed receipts from Amazon are valuable tools in resolving disputes. They provide concrete evidence in cases of billing discrepancies or misunderstandings with a seller. Whether it’s challenging a wrongful charge or clarifying the details of a transaction, these receipts offer a reliable source of truth. They facilitate smoother communication with sellers and credit card companies, making dispute resolution more straightforward.

8. Warranty Extensions or Promotions

Certain promotions or warranty extensions require the submission of a printed Amazon receipt. These documents validate the purchase within a specific timeframe, a prerequisite for availing of extended warranties or promotional offers. The physical form of the receipt often meets the submission criteria for such offers, making it indispensable for consumers looking to benefit from extended protection or discounts.

9. Rebates

For products offering rebates, printed Amazon receipts are often a requirement. These receipts must be mailed in to claim the rebate amount. The physical copy provides a reliable form of submission, ensuring that the consumer meets the necessary requirements for the rebate process. This practice is especially common in promotional sales where proof of purchase is essential for claiming the offered rebate.

In legal contexts, such as estate settlements or divorce proceedings, printed Amazon receipts are often necessary. They serve as proof of the value and ownership of purchased items. In these situations, the receipts provide a clear record, aiding in the fair division of assets or in substantiating claims. Their importance in legal matters stems from their ability to clearly document transactions and ownership.

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