How to Use Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation on iPhone, iPad or Android


Your online privacy is a huge deal. And whether you realize it not, every time you make a phone call or send a message over an unencrypted channel, there’s a chance that someone else is reading your messages or listening to your conversations. Thankfully, most popular messaging platforms make it possible for you to send messages that are encrypted from end to end, which means that the only people who can receive your message is the person you’re sending it to. Facebook lets you send messages and make phone calls that are protected with end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger with the secret conversation feature.

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Steps to Use Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation on iPhone, iPad or Android

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app, and then open either an existing conversation or a new conversation with the person you want to have an encrypted secret conversation with.
  2. Tap that person’s profile picture at the top of the screen to open a menu.
Tap the profile picture of the person you're having a conversation with.
  1. Navigate to the More Actions section, and then tap “Go to Secret Conversation” in that section.
Navigate to the More Actions section, and then tap Go to Secret Conversation.

A new chat thread with that person opens, where you’ll see a padlock icon displayed on their profile picture. You’ll also see a note letting you know that messages and calls in this thread are secured with end-to-end encryption. Any secret conversations you’re actively involved with can also be identified in your chat list, as they’ll have a padlock icon on them.

A new chat thread with that person opens, where you'll see a padlock icon displayed on their profile picture.

And finally, you can view your Facebook Messenger secret conversations on multiple devices, but you’ll need to add those devices. When you add a new device to a secret conversation, all users in that conversation will be notified.

Reasons to Use Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation

1. End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations ensures that only the sender and the recipient can read the messages. This means that any third party who tries to intercept the messages will not be able to decrypt them. Encryption makes Secret Conversations a more secure way to communicate sensitive information.

2. Disappearing Messages

The disappearing messages feature in Secret Conversations is useful for users who want to maintain their privacy. Messages can be set to disappear after a certain period of time, adding an extra level of security to the conversation. This feature ensures that sensitive information does not remain on the recipient’s device indefinitely.

3. Private Conversations

Private conversations are an essential feature of Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations. Users can discuss sensitive topics or share confidential information that they do not want to be stored in regular chat logs or accessed by others. This feature allows users to keep their conversations private and confidential.

4. Protection from Hackers and Data Breaches

Using Secret Conversations can minimize the risk of unauthorized access to messages in the event of a data breach or account hacking. This feature ensures that even if a user’s account is compromised, their private conversations remain secure.

5. Limiting Data Retention

Secret Conversations do not leave a permanent record of messages on Facebook’s servers. This feature ensures that users’ private conversations remain private and are not accessible by third parties. It is an attractive feature for users who are concerned about data privacy.

6. Bypassing Monitoring and Surveillance

Secret Conversations can be useful in situations where users need to communicate privately without fear of being monitored by third parties. For example, in oppressive regimes or in the workplace, where employees may want to communicate without their employer’s knowledge. This feature allows users to communicate without being monitored.

7. One-on-one Conversations Only

Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations are designed for one-on-one conversations only. This feature ensures that personal and intimate conversations are not shared with a group. Users can have private conversations without the risk of others joining the conversation.

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