How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook Using Facebook Mobile App


Over time your list of Facebook friends can grow to ridiculous proportions. You may even find yourself not even remembering who some people are or why you’re friends with them in the first place. No matter the reason, if you get to the point where you need to thin out your list of Facebook friends, you can easily do that using the Facebook mobile app.

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Steps to Unfriend Someone on Facebook Using Facebook Mobile App

  1. Launch the Facebook app, and then tap the “Menu” icon on your Facebook home screen. Your Facebook Menu screen is shown.
  2. Tap “Friends” in this menu. The Friends screen is displayed.
  1. Tap “Your Friends” on this screen. The Your Friends screen is shown, displaying a list of all of the friends you have on Facebook.
  1. Find the person you want to unfriend on Facebook, and then tap that person’s name to open their Facebook profile.
  2. Tap “Friends.” A menu pops up.
  1. Tap “Unfriend” in this menu. A window is displayed asking if you want to remove this person as a Facebook friend.
  1. Tap “OK.” After a few seconds you’ll see the button that previously said Friends change to say Add Friend. You’ll no longer be friends with this person on Facebook.

Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

1. Differing Views

A significant reason people unfriend others on Facebook is due to differing views. Opinions about politics, religion, or societal issues often clash, leading to heated debates. These exchanges can sometimes become vitriolic, causing discomfort. Seeing posts that contradict one’s beliefs can disrupt the social media experience, leading to the decision to unfriend.

2. Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate content is another reason for unfriending. Some individuals may share posts that are offensive, crude, or disrespectful. These could involve vulgar language, graphic images, or controversial humor. For many, their social media space is a place of positivity, and such content disrupts that environment.

3. Excessive Posting

Some Facebook friends tend to overshare, cluttering the news feed with numerous posts. This oversharing can make it hard for a user to keep up with updates from other friends. The constant bombardment of posts, whether relevant or not, can become irritating, prompting an unfriending action.

4. Online Harassment

Online harassment is a serious issue. If a Facebook friend engages in abusive or bullying behavior, it can severely affect mental health. Unfriending the perpetrator is a way of safeguarding oneself from such negativity. Harassment is not only offensive but also violates Facebook’s community standards.

5. Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a major concern in the digital age. Some people may feel they’ve shared too much personal information with certain Facebook friends. Unfriending such individuals helps to reclaim a degree of privacy and maintain control over personal information distribution.

6. End of Relationship

People often decide to unfriend ex-partners or former friends after a relationship ends. This action helps in avoiding reminders of the past and facilitates moving on. It also prevents the temptation to track their activities, reducing potential distress.

7. Misinformation

Misinformation can spread like wildfire on social media. If a Facebook friend habitually shares fake news or unverified information, it undermines trust. Unfriending such individuals helps to limit the spread of misinformation, contributing to a more accurate online environment.

8. Lack of Interaction

Facebook friends with whom one has little to no interaction can become irrelevant over time. Unfriending is a way of keeping the friends list limited to meaningful connections. It also helps to declutter the news feed, making it more personalized and engaging.

9. Spamming

Spamming is an irritating practice where someone tags you in irrelevant posts or sends unwanted messages. It can be disruptive and frustrating. Unfriending a spammer restores peace to your Facebook experience and cuts off their access to disturb your online space.

10. Negative Influence

Negative or depressing content posted by certain Facebook friends can have an adverse effect on mental health. Seeing a steady stream of such content can darken one’s mood. Unfriending these individuals can be an act of self-care, helping to maintain a positive online space.

11. Irrelevant Content

People share a wide range of content on Facebook. However, posts unrelated to one’s interests can become tiresome over time. Unfriending friends who regularly post such content can help to streamline the news feed, making it more aligned with one’s interests.

12. Drama

Online drama can be energy-draining. Certain Facebook friends might frequently be involved in online conflicts, causing discomfort for others. Unfriending such individuals can help to avoid unnecessary drama and keep the social media experience peaceful and pleasant.

13. Professional Boundaries

Sometimes, it’s necessary to maintain professional boundaries by keeping personal and work life separate. Unfriending colleagues or bosses on Facebook is one way to ensure this separation. This action can prevent potential work-related

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