How to Turn On Voice Isolation for iPhone Phone Calls to Reduce Background Noise


Maybe you work in a loud office. Maybe you’re out at a loud restaurant. Or, maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent and are constantly surrounded by blaring kids shows, blasting children’s music, and the robotic sounds of kid’s toys. No matter the reason, Apple is expanding its Voice Isolation feature for use in phone calls with a goal of filtering out whatever background noises are in your environment so the person you’re talking to can more clearly hear you. The only catch is that the Voice Isolation feature doesn’t stay active from phone call to phone call, and you need to reactivate it for every iPhone phone call where you want to use it.

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Steps to Turn On Voice Isolation for iPhone Phone Calls to Reduce Background Noise

  1. Either answer a call or call someone on your iPhone. The Phone screen will be displayed.
  2. Swipe down from the top right corner of this screen. A menu is shown.
  3. Tap “Mic Mode” in this menu. The Mic Mode menu will be displayed on the screen.

  1. Tap “Voice Isolation” in this menu to place a check mark next to it.

  1. Tap outside of this menu to return back to the main menu, where you’ll now see Voice Isolation on the Mic Mode button. The Voice Isolation feature will now be active in this call on your iPhone, and background noise will be reduced. If you decide you don’t like the Voice Isolation feature, you can navigate back to the Mic Mode menu and turn it off. And again, the Voice Isolation feature doesn’t stay activated from one phone call to your next phone call, and you will have to enable it during each phone call you want to use it on.

Reasons to Consider Using Voice Isolation on iPhone Calls to Reduce Background Noise

1. Conquer Background Noise

Enabling voice isolation on your iPhone can make a world of difference when you’re struggling with background noise. By actively filtering out environmental distractions, your calls become easier to manage and more enjoyable for both you and your conversation partner. It’s time to conquer background noise once and for all.

2. Unparalleled Voice Clarity

The benefits of voice isolation for iPhone phone calls go beyond mere noise reduction. It also enhances the clarity of your speech, enabling the person on the other end to understand you better. By prioritizing your voice over distracting sounds, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently during phone calls.

3. Safeguard Your Privacy

Voice isolation can play a crucial role in maintaining privacy during sensitive or confidential conversations. By minimizing background noise on your iPhone phone calls, this feature helps ensure that only your voice is transmitted, preventing unintended listeners from overhearing your discussions. Enjoy the confidence that comes with enhanced privacy protection.

4. Master Noisy Environments

Noisy environments can be a major obstacle to effective communication. Voice isolation is designed to help you thrive in these challenging situations, enabling clear conversations regardless of your surroundings. With this feature at your disposal, you’ll no longer need to search for a quieter space just to make a phone call.

5. Banish Pesky Echoes

Echoes can be a significant hindrance during iPhone phone calls, causing confusion and frustration for both parties. Voice isolation technology addresses this issue by reducing echo and feedback, allowing you to focus on the conversation instead of the distracting reverberations. It’s time to banish pesky echoes for good.

6. Relish High-Quality Audio

Voice isolation on iPhone calls elevates the audio quality of your calls to new heights. By reducing background noise and enhancing voice clarity, you’ll experience a level of audio fidelity that rivals in-person conversations. Embrace the immersive call experience that voice isolation has to offer.

7. Reduce Miscommunications

Miscommunications can be costly, leading to errors and frustration. Voice isolation minimizes the risk of misunderstandings by ensuring that your voice is crystal clear and easy to comprehend. Streamline your conversations and keep everyone on the same page with this powerful feature.

8. Impress with Professionalism

Your ability to project professionalism during calls on your iPhone can make all the difference in business situations. Voice isolation helps you sound more polished and put-together by eliminating distracting background noise and enhancing the clarity of your voice. Leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and clients every time you pick up the phone.

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