How to Turn On Communication Safety for Child Account on iPhone or iPad


In late 2021 Apple rolled out the ability for parents to turn on a communication safety feature for child accounts. When enabled, the Communication Safety feature will notify your kids when they are attempting to either to either send or receive inappropriate content, and give them guidance and links to age-appropriate materials they can read that will help them decide what to do. It’s important to note that Apple does not have access to any of your child’s photos, and the analysis of photos your child is attempting to send or receive is entirely done on their device. The only caveat is that before you can enable the Communication Safety feature you will need to have screen time enabled for your Apple child account. If you don’t have screen time enabled click here to check out my video that will show you how to do that. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Turn On Communication Safety for Child Account on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad, and then tap the section featuring your profile picture and name at the top of this screen. You’ll land on your Apple ID screen.
  2. Tap “Family Sharing” on this screen.
  3. Scroll down to the Shared With Your Family section, and then tap “Screen Time.” The Screen Time screen is shown. Again, you will need to have screen time enabled for your Apple child account in order to turn on the Communication Safety feature. If you don’t have this enabled I’ll link to my video in the description and pinned comment that will show you how to do that.
  4. Tap the name of the child you want to turn on Communication Safety for. The information screen for that child account is displayed.
  5. Tap “Communication Safety” in the list of options on this screen.
  6. Tap to turn on “Check for Sensitive Photos,” which will warn a child when they could be either sending or receiving inappropriate photos.
  7. Enter your parent screen time passcode. You’ll be routed back to the Communication Safety screen where you’ll see your selection is toggled on.

Reasons to Turn On Communication Safety for Child Account on iPhone or iPad

1. Filter Inappropriate Content

Ensure your child’s online experience stays safe and appropriate by enabling communication safety features. These features allow you to filter out explicit or harmful content on their iPhone or iPad, protecting your child from accidentally encountering it while browsing the internet or using social media. Keep them from stumbling upon material that could harm their well-being or values.

2. Limit Screen Time

Overuse of technology can impact children’s health and development. By turning on communication safety features on your iPhone or iPad, you can set daily screen time limits, promoting healthy habits and well-being. Limit their access to specific apps during certain hours to regulate usage and encourage other activities.

3. Control Contact List

Ensure your child only communicates with trusted individuals by controlling their contact list. Communication safety features allow you to restrict who your child can send and receive messages from, keeping them safe from strangers or potential predators.

4. Monitor Communication

Keep tabs on your child’s digital conversations by monitoring their text messages, iMessages, and phone calls. Communication safety features give you the peace of mind to know what your child is doing and who they’re talking to online.

5. Protect Personal Information

Avoid the accidental sharing of personal information with strangers by turning on communication safety features. These features can prevent your child from accidentally giving out their location, phone number, or other sensitive information. Keep their private information safe.

6. Encourage Healthy Habits

Balance is key in life, especially when it comes to technology usage. By turning on communication safety features on a child’s iPhone or iPad, you can encourage them to develop healthy habits and balance their technology usage with other activities. Help them form a relationship with technology that is both safe and healthy.

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