How to Turn On Battery Percentage on iPhone


Apple removed the ability to display the percentage of iPhone battery remaining with the release of the iPhone X. However, with the rollout of iOS 16 for iPhone, the ability to show your remaining battery percentage is back. The only caveat is that you must be running iOS 16 or later on your iPhone (see list of supported devices below).

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Steps to Turn On Battery Percentage on iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down this menu, and then tap “Battery.
  3. Tap the “Battery Percentage” toggle to turn it on. Going forward the battery icon in the upper-right corner of the screen will display a number in it, which displays the percentage of your iPhone’s battery that’s remaining.

5 Reasons Someone Would Want to See the Battery Percentage on iPhone

1. Precise Battery Monitoring

Knowing the exact battery percentage helps you monitor your iPhone’s power more precisely than just eyeing the battery icon. This level of detail is crucial, especially during long days when every percent counts. You can better plan when to charge your phone or manage your usage to extend battery life. It’s especially useful during travel or long meetings, as you can adjust your phone use based on the exact battery life remaining.

2. Efficient Energy Management

With the battery percentage visible, you become more conscious of your phone’s energy consumption. This awareness often leads to more energy-efficient habits, such as adjusting screen brightness or closing unnecessary apps. These small adjustments can significantly prolong your battery life, ensuring your phone stays alive when you need it most. This is vital for anyone who relies heavily on their phone throughout the day.

3. Avoid Sudden Shutdowns

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying unexpectedly. The battery icon alone can be deceiving, showing a sliver of red just before the phone shuts off. With the percentage displayed, you get a clear warning before your battery runs too low. This can prevent situations where your phone turns off during important tasks, allowing you to connect to a charger in time to prevent any disruptions.

4. Optimizing Charging Cycles

Understanding how your battery depletes over the course of a day helps you optimize charging times and prolong the overall battery life. By monitoring the exact percentage, you can avoid overcharging or excessively draining your battery, both of which can degrade battery health over time. This is particularly important for maintaining the longevity of your phone’s battery.

5. Enhanced Stress Management

Finally, seeing the battery percentage can reduce anxiety for those who depend on their phones for work or personal reasons. Knowing exactly how much battery life you have left helps manage your stress levels in situations where access to a charger might be limited. This visibility allows you to prioritize high-priority tasks and secure a power source before entering a critical battery stage.

    What iPhone Models Support iOS 16?

    • iPhone 14
    • iPhone 14 Plus
    • iPhone 14 Pro
    • iPhone 14 Pro Max
    • iPhone 13
    • iPhone 13 Pro
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 12 Pro
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone 11 Pro
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPhone X

    Why Can’t I See the Battery Percentage on My iPhone Mini?

    Even if you’re running iOS 16 the battery percentage won’t be displayed on your iPhone Mini. This is most likely because of screen real estate, and there simply not being enough space to display the battery percentage comfortably.

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