How to Turn Off Two Finger Scroll in Windows 11


Have you found that the two-finger scroll feature on your Windows 11 touchpad isn’t quite to your liking, or perhaps it’s causing more trouble than it’s worth in your daily use? Whether you’re experiencing accidental scrolls or you simply prefer to use your device in a different way, turning off the two-finger scroll can be just as important as turning it on.

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Steps to Turn Off Two Finger Scroll in Windows 11

  1. Navigate to your Windows 11 home screen, and then press the “Windows” and “I” keys to open your Windows settings app.
  2. Click “Bluetooth and Devices” in the menu along the left side of the screen. Bluetooth options are displayed on the right side of the screen.

  1. Scroll down this menu and then click to expand “Touchpad.” Touchpad options are shown.

  1. Navigate to the Gestures and Interaction section, and then click to expand “Scroll and Zoom.”

  1. Click to remove the check mark in the box next to “Drag Two Fingers to Scroll.” Going forward, dragging two fingers over your Windows 11 touchpad will no longer scroll up or down.

5 Reasons to Turn Off Two Finger Scroll in Windows 11

1. Precision and Control in Scrolling

Many users want to turn off two-finger scrolling for better control. This feature allows rapid scrolling, which can result in unintended movements. Turning it off ensures greater precision, especially when reading documents. Users who work with spreadsheets or edit texts find the default scrolling speed too fast. They prefer using arrow keys or the scrollbar for better control. Customizing their scrolling behavior improves productivity and user satisfaction.

2. Preventing Accidental Scrolling

Accidental scrolling occurs frequently due to unintended touches on the touchpad. When typing or moving the cursor, two-finger gestures sometimes activate unexpectedly. Turning off two-finger scrolling eliminates these accidental movements. Users can then focus more on tasks without frustration. This setting proves essential in reducing distractions and interruptions.

3. Reducing Motion Sickness and Discomfort

Rapid scrolling movements can cause discomfort for sensitive users. Two-finger scrolling often results in abrupt screen shifts, leading to nausea or dizziness. Turning it off allows for smoother, gradual navigation using alternate methods. People prone to motion sickness benefit from slower scrolling speeds. This change significantly improves their computer use experience.

4. Customizing Gestures for Individual Preferences

Windows 11 provides comprehensive touchpad gesture customization. Some users prefer to assign two-finger gestures to other functions. For instance, they may use it for zooming or switching apps. Turning off two-finger scrolling enables them to fully personalize gestures. This customization enhances productivity, making the system better aligned with their needs.

5. Conserving System Resources

On certain older or budget devices, touchpad gestures can strain system resources. Background gesture detection may increase CPU usage and reduce battery life. Turning off two-finger scrolling can help optimize performance on such devices. This adjustment allows users to save power and extend device longevity. Efficient touchpad settings contribute to overall system stability.

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