How to Turn Off Twitter Sound Effects


By default Twitter plays sound effects when you perform some actions in the app. Specifically you’ll hear a small chirp when you refresh almost every screen. Thankfully, if you’re not a fan of the chirp, Twitter makes it easy to turn it off.

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Steps to Turn Off Twitter Sound Effects

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  2. Tap your Twitter profile icon at the top of the screen.

  1. Scroll down and then tap “Settings and Privacy” in this menu.

  1. Scroll down and then tap “Accessibility, Display, and Languages.”

  1. Tap “Display and Sound.”

  1. Navigate to the Sound section on this screen, and then tap to toggle off “Sound Effects.” Going forward Twitter noise effects will be turned off.

Reasons to Turn Off Twitter Sound Effects

1. Distractions Due to Sound Effects

When working or studying, your focus is paramount. Twitter sound effects can break your concentration. Each beep or ring can divert your attention, forcing you to switch gears. This constant disruption affects your productivity, as regaining focus takes time. For consistent, deep work, sound effects may need disabling.

2. The Annoyance Factor

Sound effects are not for everyone. Some people might find them irritating, especially during repetitive or continuous usage. Over time, this can lead to a general dislike of the app. The continuous beeping could even provoke a sense of annoyance, possibly leading to stress or anxiety.

3. Sound Effects and Privacy

In public places like libraries or offices, it’s important to maintain a low noise level. Twitter sound effects can draw unwanted attention, revealing your private activities. It may also disrupt the peace of others. Maintaining privacy and respecting others’ space becomes easier with sound effects off.

4. Saving Battery Power

Mobile devices run on limited battery power. Every operation, including sound effects, consumes energy. Continuous Twitter notifications could lead to faster battery drain. Thus, disabling sound effects might extend your device’s battery life, allowing for extended use.

5. Professionalism in Settings

Professional settings demand a certain decorum. In meetings or presentations, sudden Twitter sounds may be viewed as unprofessional. They could suggest a lack of focus or respect towards the task at hand. Disabling sound effects helps maintain a professional demeanor.

6. Sleep and Rest Time

Quality sleep and rest are essential for good health. If Twitter notifications aren’t muted, you might be awakened by unexpected sounds. These disruptions can lead to fragmented sleep, affecting your rest and overall health. Hence, turning off sound effects at rest times is beneficial.

7. Maintaining Mental Peace

Peace of mind is invaluable. Constant notifications can produce anxiety, creating a sense of being constantly on edge. The beeping and buzzing of alerts may become synonymous with stress. Turning off sound effects can help create a calm, peaceful environment.

8. Effective Multitasking

Juggling multiple tasks requires focus. Twitter sound effects could add unnecessary noise, causing confusion and lowering efficiency. Disabling these sounds can lead to a quieter, more conducive environment for multitasking.

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