How to Turn Off PS5 with DualSense Controller


Maybe you’re not feeling well. Or, maybe you’re in bed and you don’t want to get up just to turn off your PlayStation 5. Don’t worry. Sony makes it easy to turn off your PS5 using your DualSense controller. Using your controller to turn off your PlayStation 5 makes it easier to control whether your console fully shuts down or enters rest mode, where it can still charge controllers, download updates and suspend games.

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Steps to Turn Off PS5 with DualSense Controller

  1. From whatever screen you’re on, press the “PlayStation” button in the center of your DualSense controller. A menu pops up on the screen.

  1. Highlight the “Power” icon on the right side of this menu, and then click “X” on your controller. A menu pops up.

  1. Choose “Enter Rest Mode” in this menu if you don’t want to shut your PlayStation 5 completely off and you still want it to charge controllers, download updates and suspend games. Alternatively, choose “Turn Off PS5” if you want to completely shut down all games and apps, and fully power down your PS5. Your PS5 will be turned off immediately after making your selection.

Reasons to Turn Off PS5 with DualSense Controller

1. Convenience

Opting for the DualSense controller to power down a PS5 epitomizes user convenience. Getting up, disrupting one’s comfort, and approaching the console takes effort. By contrast, a simple button press from the comfort of one’s seat epitomizes modern user-centric design. The controller’s capability to shut off the PS5 elevates the overall gaming experience, making convenience a key driver in its widespread use.

2. Distance

In expansive gaming setups or rooms, the PS5 might sit at a considerable distance from the player. Traversing that space every time one wants to power down can become tedious. The DualSense controller bridges this gap effectively. With it, users eliminate the need to cover unnecessary distances, maintaining the gaming experience’s fluidity and comfort.

3. Reduced Wear and Tear

Every physical button has a lifespan, determined by its usage frequency. Continual pressing of the console’s power button accelerates its wear. Using the DualSense controller to turn off the PS5 minimizes this physical interaction. Over time, this preservation approach can extend the tactile feel and durability of the console’s button.

4. Safety

Around any gaming console, wires, other gadgets, or even playful pets might abound. Standing up and walking to the console introduces risks: one might trip, dislodge a wire, or accidentally knock something over. Utilizing the DualSense for power operations ensures users remain safe, avoiding any potential mishaps or accidents in the vicinity.

5. Speed

For adept gamers, the DualSense controller becomes an extension of their hands. Maneuvering through the PS5’s interface with the controller can be quicker and more intuitive. When deciding to power off, this speed and familiarity mean a more efficient and streamlined process, saving valuable seconds and reducing any associated friction.

6. Seamless Gameplay

Ending a gaming session often comes with a sense of closure. Using the DualSense controller to conclude by turning off the PS5 provides a seamless experience. It allows players to stay immersed until the very end, without the jarring interruption of physically approaching the console.

7. Remote Functionality

The DualSense controller represents more than just a gaming tool; it’s the gateway to the PS5’s universe. Its comprehensive functionalities encourage reliance on it for various tasks, from gameplay to system operations. Turning off the PS5 with the controller exemplifies this multi-functionality, promoting an integrated and holistic gaming approach.

8. Habit

Old habits die hard. Gamers transitioning from previous PlayStation iterations might already be accustomed to using controllers for powering off. This ingrained behavior makes the DualSense’s power-off function not just a feature, but a continuation of a familiar ritual, grounding users in their personal gaming history.

9. Ambient Lighting

Dim settings or nighttime gaming can obscure the PS5’s power button. In contrast, the DualSense controller’s light bar serves as a beacon, guiding users effortlessly. This subtle lighting ensures users can easily access power functions, even in low-light scenarios, enhancing usability and reducing potential frustrations.

10. Accessibility Concerns

For those with mobility issues or disabilities, the physical act of reaching the console might pose challenges. The DualSense controller offers an alternative, empowering every user to access PlayStation 5 power functionalities without hurdles. By catering to diverse needs, the controller stands as a testament to inclusive design in the gaming world.

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