How to Turn Off PS5 Home Screen Sound Effects


Those little background noises on the PS5’s home screen might be immersive and offer good audio feedback to some, but they can also be a distraction or even a nuisance in certain situations. Whether you want a quieter gaming environment or just prefer a more minimalistic interface, this video has you covered. I’ll walk you through the simple process of disabling those sound effects, and if you want to go further I’ll also show you how to turn off the PS5 home screen background music.

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Steps to Turn Off PS5 Home Screen Sound Effects

  1. Navigate to your PlayStation 5 home screen, and then click the “Settings” icon at the top of the screen. You’ll land on the PS5 Settings screen.

  1. Scroll down this menu, and then click “Sound.” You’ll land on the PS5 sound options screen.

  1. Choose “Audio Output” in the menu on the left side of the screen. PlayStation 5 audio output options are displayed on the right side of the screen.

  1. Scroll down this menu to the General section, and then click to toggle off “Sound Effects.” Going forward, you’ll no longer hear the little sound effect sounds as you navigate your PS5 home screen.

Additionally, if you no longer want to hear background music on your PlayStation 5 home screen, you can toggle off “Home Screen Music” in this section as well.

Reasons to Turn Off PS5 Home Screen Sound Effects

1. Distraction Reduction

The PS5 home screen sound effects serve as audible feedback. For many, these tones become a consistent backdrop when navigating the interface. Yet, for some users, this auditory feedback acts as a source of distraction. Imagine trying to locate a specific setting or trying to communicate with friends through voice chat. Having additional noise can complicate these tasks. A more straightforward, sound-free interface can ease the process. By eliminating unnecessary noise, users can focus better and achieve tasks more efficiently.

2. Quiet Environment

Everyone has their own gaming setup. Some players position their PS5 in communal areas where others are present. In these shared spaces, maintaining a quiet environment is crucial. While the PS5’s home screen sound effects might seem minor, they can still contribute to noise levels. Consider late-night gaming sessions or early morning plays. During these times, any additional sound might be unwelcome. Turning off these PS5 home screen sound effects respects others’ peace.

3. Immersion

For the passionate gamer, immersion is everything. It’s about diving deep into a game’s world, feeling a direct connection with its characters and narrative. An out-of-place sound, like the home screen effect, can jar this experience. Imagine being engrossed in a dramatic in-game moment. Switching to the home screen and hearing its sound effects can disrupt this immersion. By removing such sounds, players can maintain their connection to the game’s environment.

4. Reduction of Repetition

Familiarity breeds contempt. This saying holds true for repetitive sound effects too. Over time, the same auditory cues, heard again and again, can wear on a user’s nerves. It’s not just about the sound’s nature but its frequency. If someone frequents the PS5 home screen often, the repetitive sound effects can become a source of annoyance. Offering the choice to turn off these PlayStation 5 home screen sounds can provide a relief from the monotony.

5. Preference for Custom Themes

The PS5 offers a range of customizable themes. These can come with their own sets of sounds and aesthetics. Introducing the default home screen sound effects to these can create a clash. It’s like playing two different songs simultaneously. They might not complement each other. For users passionate about their custom themes, turning off the default PS5 home screen sound effects can ensure a harmonious user experience.

6. Audio Confusion

Multitasking is common among gamers. It’s not unusual to listen to music or a podcast while gaming. The PS5 home screen sound effects, in such scenarios, can muddle the audio experience. These effects might get tangled with the primary audio, causing confusion. By eliminating these home screen sounds, users can enjoy their primary audio source without any interference.

7. Accessibility Needs

Every user is unique, with individual needs and sensitivities. For some, the PS5’s home screen sound effects might not be just an annoyance but a genuine concern. Those with auditory sensitivities or specific conditions can find these sounds bothersome. By offering the option to turn off these home screen sound effects, the PS5 caters to a broader range of user needs, making gaming more inclusive.

8. Conserving Energy

Every electronic function, no matter how minor, consumes energy. The PS5 home screen sound effects, while likely using minimal power, still contribute to the console’s overall energy consumption. For users keen on energy efficiency, turning off non-essential features such as these sounds can align with their values. Even small actions can reflect a broader commitment to energy conservation.

9. Troubleshooting

Electronics, including gaming consoles, aren’t exempt from occasional issues. Sometimes, the PS5 might present with audio concerns. In such cases, turning off different sound outputs, like the PS5 home screen sound effects, can aid in pinpointing the problem. It helps in understanding if the issue is with a particular feature or if it’s more widespread.

10. Personal Taste

At the end of the day, everyone has their preferences. Sound effects that might delight one user could be a nuisance to another. It’s all about personal taste. The PS5’s home screen sounds might not resonate with everyone. By providing an option to mute them, users can tailor their console experience according to their liking.

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