How to Turn Off Message Notifications for One Person on Snapchat


Maybe you have a friend who is flooding you with Snapchat messages. Or, maybe you’re mad at someone and you don’t want to be bothered with whatever they are sending you. No matter the reason, Snapchat makes it easy to stop receiving message notifications from a single person.

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Steps to Turn Off Message Notifications for One Person on Snapchat

  1. Navigate to the conversation with the person on Snapchat who you want to turn off message notifications for.
  2. Tap that person’s profile icon. You’ll land on that person’s Snapchat information screen.
  3. Tap the ellipses at the top of this screen. A menu is displayed.

  1. Tap “Chat Settings” in this menu. You’ll see chat settings options for this specific conversation.

  1. Tap to toggle off “Message Notifications.” You’ll no longer get message notifications for that specific person on Snapchat going forward.

Reasons to Consider Turning Off Message Notifications for a Single Person on Snapchat

1. Distraction

Snapchat notifications from a specific person can hinder productivity and focus. Constant alerts might disrupt work, studies, or other essential tasks. By turning off notifications, users can maintain their concentration and ensure timely completion of activities. It allows for better time management, resulting in improved overall efficiency. Minimizing distractions contributes to a more balanced and organized daily routine.

2. Annoyance

Frequent, repetitive, or irrelevant content from a particular contact might cause irritation. When a person’s Snapchat notifications become bothersome, turning them off can provide relief. Users can then focus on meaningful interactions with others. This decision enhances the overall social media experience by reducing annoyance and fostering more enjoyable communication.

3. Privacy

Privacy concerns may lead users to turn off notifications from certain individuals. It’s important to maintain personal boundaries and control over one’s online presence. By customizing notification settings, users can protect their privacy and ensure that only trusted contacts have access to their digital lives. This selective approach helps maintain a comfortable and secure social media environment.

4. Mental Health

Social media can impact mental health, especially when exposed to negative, toxic, or triggering content. Disabling notifications from specific people can create a healthier online space, reducing exposure to potentially harmful interactions. Users can prioritize mental well-being by curating a supportive and uplifting digital environment. Limiting negative influences fosters emotional stability and resilience.

5. Relationship Changes

As relationships evolve, users may no longer want to receive notifications from certain individuals. Turning off alerts on Snapchat enables users to manage changing dynamics without completely blocking or unfriending the person. This approach allows for a smoother transition and may prevent potential conflict or discomfort. It supports healthy boundaries and emotional well-being during times of change.

6. Time Management

By limiting notifications from certain people, users can better manage their time on social media. Reducing interruptions allows for more intentional and meaningful interactions. This approach helps prevent excessive screen time and encourages a balanced digital lifestyle. Users can allocate time more effectively, focusing on important tasks and engaging with valued contacts.

7. Content Preference

Users may find some content uninteresting, offensive, or inappropriate. Turning off notifications for specific individuals on Snapchat ensures a more enjoyable and personalized social media experience. This approach helps users avoid exposure to unwanted content, creating a customized digital environment that aligns with personal preferences and values.

8. Temporary Break

Taking a temporary break from a specific person’s content without blocking or unfriending them on Snapchat is possible by disabling notifications. This approach provides space for personal reflection or a reprieve from certain interactions. Users can regain control over their digital environment, ensuring a balanced and satisfying social media experience.

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