How to Turn Off Autoplay in YouTube App


The YouTube algorithm does an awesome job of knowing what videos are going to keep you on the platform, and then feeding those videos to you one after the other. If you’re finding either yourself or your kids spending too much time watching YouTube videos, a good way to try and scale back is to turn off the autoplay feature in the YouTube mobile app.

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Steps to Turn Off Autoplay in YouTube App

  1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll land on the YouTube home screen.
  2. Tap your profile icon on the screen. A menu opens.
  3. Tap “Time Watched.” The YouTube Time Watched screen is shown.

  1. Scroll down to the Tools to Manage Your YouTube Time section, and then tap to toggle off “Autoplay on Mobile or Tablet.” Going forward, autoplay in the YouTube mobile app will be disabled, which means that after any video you choose to watch ends, another YouTube video won’t start playing automatically.

Reasons to Consider Turning Off Autoplay on YouTube

1. Conserve Data

Autoplay can quickly eat up your data plan. Videos, especially those in high definition, require a lot of data to stream. If you’re watching several videos in a row, you may be using up more data than you realize. Turning off autoplay can help you conserve your data and avoid unexpected overage charges.

2. Avoid Unwanted Content

Not all videos on YouTube are created equal. If you’re watching a video on a specific topic, you may not want to see unrelated or potentially inappropriate content. Autoplay can take you down a rabbit hole of videos that may not be what you’re looking for. By turning off autoplay, you can control what you watch and avoid unwanted content.

3. Focus on a Specific Video

Sometimes, you want to watch a specific video without any distractions. Autoplay can be a major distraction, especially if you’re trying to concentrate on a particular video. Turning off autoplay can help you stay focused and engaged with the video you’re watching.

4. Save Battery Life

Watching videos on your device can quickly drain your battery. Autoplaying videos, especially if you’re watching multiple videos in a row, can significantly decrease your battery life. Turning off autoplay can help you conserve your battery and keep your device charged for longer.

5. Prevent Interruptions

Autoplay can be disruptive, especially if you’re in a public place or at work. The sound from a new video can interrupt what you’re doing or disrupt others around you. Turning off autoplay can help you avoid these interruptions and keep your viewing experience private.

6. Control Your Viewing Experience

Autoplay can be a great feature, but it can also be overwhelming. By turning off autoplay, you can take control of your viewing experience. You can choose what videos you watch, when you watch them, and how long you watch them for. You can also take breaks between videos, without worrying about the next video playing automatically.

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