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Maybe you signed into your Apple TV+ account at someone else’s house so you could all watch a show and you didn’t sign out. Or, maybe you’re concerned that someone stole your Apple TV+ login information and is using your account without your permission. No matter the reason, whether you need to kick someone off of your Apple TV+ account or just sign out of a device you left signed in on accident, Apple makes it easy to sign out of Apple TV+ on all devices you’re currently signed in to. And you should note that if you need to kick someone off of your Apple TV+ account, you’ll want to change the password associated with your Apple ID before you sign out of Apple TV+ on all devices and browsers.

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Steps to Sign Out of Apple TV+ All Devices

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Sign into your Apple TV account if prompted. You’ll land on your Apple TV home screen.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click “Settings” in that menu. The Account Settings screen is displayed.
lick the profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click Settings in that menu.
  1. Scroll down this screen until you get to the Account Access section, and then click “Sign Out of All Browsers” in this section. A window pops up asking if you’re sure you want to sign out of Apple TV+ and Apple Music on all browsers.
Scroll down this screen until you get to the Account Access section, and then click Sign Out of All Browsers in this section.
  1. Click “Sign Out.” You’ll be signed out of Apple TV+ on your current browser, and bounced back out to the home screen, where you’ll need to sign in again. Additionally, you’ll be signed out of Apple TV+ on all other browsers and devices.
Click Sign Out.

Reasons to Sign Out of Apple TV+ All Devices

1. Security Concerns

Protecting personal information is paramount. If a user suspects their Apple TV+ account might be compromised, they would want to sign out from all devices. Cybersecurity threats come in many forms, and sometimes, the smallest suspicion can warrant action. Signing out can prevent unauthorized access, protecting the user’s viewing history, preferences, and payment information. Upon signing out, it’s also advisable to change passwords to further enhance security. These actions provide peace of mind in the digital world.

2. Account Sharing

People often share their streaming accounts with friends or family. Over time, relationships can change, leading to the decision to end shared access. In such cases, signing out of all devices ensures the user retains control over their Apple TV+ account. The act of signing out remotely eliminates further account use by other parties. This action provides a clean slate and reinforces personal boundaries.

3. Troubleshooting

Like all technology, Apple TV+ can occasionally experience issues. Users may encounter freezing screens, buffering videos, or login problems. As a common troubleshooting step, users sign out of all devices. This simple action can reset the account connection and clear temporary software glitches. Once the user signs back in, they often find the issues resolved. It’s a practical and non-technical approach to resolving common streaming hiccups.

4. Device Sell/Disposal

When selling or disposing of a device, it’s critical to ensure personal data isn’t accessible to others. Before parting with a device, users typically sign out of all streaming services, including Apple TV+. This action safeguards the user’s account from unauthorized use by future device owners. It’s a preventative step that upholds the user’s privacy and reinforces data security, fostering trust in the digital ecosystem.

5. Subscription Cancellation

Upon deciding to cancel an Apple TV+ subscription, users often sign out on all devices. This action ensures the subscription is fully terminated and not accessible on any device. It’s a final step to end the user’s relationship with the service. It prevents accidental use and potential recharges, giving the user a sense of closure with the service.

6. Privacy

Some users value their privacy, especially when it comes to viewing preferences. They might not want others to know what they’re watching on Apple TV+. By signing out after each use, they keep their viewing history private. This level of privacy protection helps maintain personal boundaries, even among family members or roommates sharing the same device.

7. Switching Accounts

When a user decides to switch to a different Apple TV+ account, they must sign out of the current one. This action ensures that the new account can be accessed on all devices. It allows the user to enjoy their new account’s benefits without confusion or overlap with the previous account. This is especially relevant when switching between personal and shared accounts.

8. Unused Devices

Users sometimes lose track of their old devices. If these devices are still logged in to Apple TV+, they pose a risk to account security. By signing out on all devices, users ensure their account isn’t accessible on potentially lost, stolen, or forgotten devices. This step provides a safety net, keeping their personal data secure.

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