How to Show Uppercase Letters on iPhone or iPad Keyboard


For a long time, the keyboards on iPhone and iPads always showed uppercase letters. However, in roughly 2015 the keyboard letters were switched to display in either lowercase or uppercase, matching what you were typing. Thankfully, whether you just like the way things used to be or always showing uppercase letters on the keyboard is your preference, you can easily change the keyboard to always show uppercase letters.

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Steps to Show Uppercase Letters on iPhone or iPad Keyboard

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll land on your Settings screen.
  2. Scroll down and then tap “Accessibility” in this menu.
  3. Navigate to the Physical and Motor section, and then tap “Keyboards” in this section. The Keyboards screen is shown.
  4. Find the Software Keyboards section, and then tap to toggle off “Show Lowercase Keys.” Going forward your iPhone or iPad keyboard will only display uppercase letters, regardless. As a reminder, you’ll still need to use the uppercase button on the keyboard to type capital letters, but the keys will always show as uppercase.
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Reasons Apple Stopped Using Uppercase Letters on iPhone and iPad Keyboards

1. Improved Readability

Lowercase letters are easier to read, especially on smaller screens. This improved readability enhances the overall user experience and reduces eye strain.

2. Consistency Across Devices

Using lowercase letters on iPhone and iPad keyboards aligns with Apple’s trend towards using lowercase letters on other devices, such as Mac computers and Apple Watches. This consistency creates a cohesive user experience across all Apple products.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Lowercase letters have a cleaner and more modern aesthetic, compared to the traditional uppercase letters. This aligns with Apple’s focus on design and attention to detail.

4. Increased Screen Space

Lowercase letters take up less space on the screen, allowing for larger buttons and more content to be displayed. This increased screen space can enhance the overall usability of the device.

5. Better Accessibility

Lowercase letters are easier for people with visual or motor impairments to distinguish, leading to a more accessible experience. Apple’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in this design choice.

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