How to Share an Apple AirTag with Other People


Have you ever wondered how you can share the convenience of an Apple AirTag with your family or friends? Whether it’s keeping track of shared items or just making life a bit easier for your loved ones, I’ve got you covered. I’ll show you how to share an Apple AirTag with other people, enhancing your collaborative tracking experience.

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Steps to Share an Apple AirTag with Other People

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap “Items” to see a list of all of the Apple devices you’re tracking.
Open the Find My app, and then tap Items in the menu.

  1. Find the name of the AirTag you want to share with someone else, and then tap that AirTag. An information screen for that AirTag is displayed.
You'll see a list of all of the Apple devices you're tracking.

  1. Swipe up to expand the information menu at the bottom of the screen. Find Share This AirTag, and then tap “Add Person” in that section. A Share This AirTag screen is shown letting you know that by sharing this AirTag other people can locate this AirTag and that tracking notifications will be muted for anyone you share this AirTag with.
Find Share This AirTag, and then tap Add Person in that section.

  1. Tap “Continue.” The Share AirTag screen is displayed.
Tap Continue.

  1. Enter the Apple ID associated with the user you want to share this AirTag with, and then tap “Share.”
Enter the Apple ID associated with the user you want to share this AirTag with, and then tap Share.

You’ll return to the information screen for that AirTag, where you’ll now see a pending invite for that person in the Share This AirTag section.

You'll return to the information screen for that AirTag, where you'll now see a pending invite for that person in the Share This AirTag section.

  1. To accept the invite to share this AirTag, the person you invited to share this AirTag will need to open the Find My app on their Apple device and tap “Items.” They will see a note that you want to share an item with them.
  2. That person will need to tap “Add.” An Add AirTag screen is displayed showing them the owner of the AirTag.
Tap Items and then tap Add.

  1. That person should tap “Add.”
Tap Add again.

They will be returned to their Items screen, where they will now see the AirTag they added in their list of items. At this point the Apple AirTag has been successfully shared with this person, and going forward, that person will be able to see and track the AirTag you shared with them.

You'll see the AirTag added to your list of items being tracked.

Reasons to Share an Apple AirTag with Other People

1. Lost Item Recovery

Sharing an AirTag in Find My facilitates the recovery of lost items. When an object with an AirTag goes missing, the shared access enables friends or family to aid in its location. This collaborative effort expands the search area, increasing the chances of finding the item. It’s especially useful when the item is lost in a place closer to the shared user. The real-time updates provided by the AirTag allow for quick action, turning a potentially stressful situation into a manageable one.

2. Shared Ownership

Items with shared ownership, like a family car key, benefit from shared AirTag tracking. Each user can monitor the item’s location, ensuring its availability and preventing misplacement. This setup is ideal for objects used frequently by multiple individuals. It promotes responsibility among users, as everyone is aware of the item’s whereabouts, reducing the chances of it being lost.

3. Safety and Security

Sharing an AirTag can enhance safety and security. Attaching an AirTag to a child’s backpack and sharing its location with a family member ensures the child’s safety during outings. It provides real-time location data, offering peace of mind to parents or guardians. This practice is particularly beneficial in crowded or unfamiliar environments where the risk of getting separated is higher.

4. Travel Convenience

For travelers, shared AirTag tracking of luggage simplifies travel logistics. Multiple people can keep tabs on the luggage’s location, alleviating concerns about lost baggage. This is especially helpful in situations like airport layovers or group travel, where luggage management can become complex. The shared visibility of the luggage’s whereabouts allows for a more relaxed and organized travel experience.

5. Pet Monitoring

Pet owners often share AirTags to monitor their pets. An AirTag attached to a pet’s collar, shared with others, ensures the pet’s safety. It’s invaluable for pets that wander or have a large roaming area. This shared AirTag tracking system provides updates on the pet’s location, allowing for quick response if the pet strays too far or gets into danger.

6. Elderly Care

In caring for elderly relatives, sharing an AirTag can be a thoughtful measure. For those prone to disorientation or wandering, an AirTag in their belongings provides a safety net. Caregivers or family members can track their location, ensuring they are safe and within a familiar area. This practice is particularly important for those with conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

7. Friendship or Partnership Activities

During group activities like hiking, sharing AirTags helps maintain group cohesion. It aids in locating anyone who may have fallen behind or taken a different path. This is particularly useful in areas with poor cell reception, where traditional communication methods might fail. Shared AirTags ensure that everyone in the group is accounted for, enhancing the overall safety and enjoyment of the activity.

8. Vehicle Tracking

When multiple people use a vehicle, such as a family car or a shared bike, tracking it with a shared AirTag is practical. It helps in locating the vehicle and knowing who is using it. This is convenient for coordinating its use among the users. It also adds a layer of security, as the vehicle’s whereabouts are always known.

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