How to Set Up a Passkey for Amazon Website


As we make more and more online transactions, it’s crucial to secure our shopping accounts. Today, I’ll guide you on setting up a passkey for the Amazon website, adding an extra layer of protection to your shopping adventures. The only catch is that you can only set up a passkey for the Amazon desktop site, and you can’t set up a passkey yet for the Amazon mobile app.

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Steps to Set Up a Passkey for Amazon Website

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Again, you can only set up a passkey for the Amazon desktop site, and you can’t set up a passkey yet for the Amazon mobile app.
  2. Click to expand “Accounts and Lists” at the top of the screen, and then click “Account” in this menu.
Navigate to the Amazon website, click Accounts and Lists, and then click Account in this menu.

  1. Click “Login and Security.”
Click Login and Security.

  1. Find the Passkey section, and then click “Set Up” in that section.
Find the Passkey section, and then click Set Up in that section.

  1. Click “Set Up.” At that point you’ll be prompted to validate your computer pin, fingerprint, or face ID. After you enter the requested information you’ll see a note that your setup is complete.
Click Set Up.

Going forward you’ll use your passkey to access Amazon on that specific device and you’ll no longer have to worry about entering your Amazon password.

At that point you'll be prompted to validate your computer pin, fingerprint, or face ID. After you enter the requested information you'll see a note that your setup is complete.

Reasons to Set Up a Passkey for Amazon Website

1. Enhanced Security

Passkeys offer a level of security superior to traditional passwords. They employ cryptographic methods that are inherently more secure. This advanced technology guards against phishing and replay attacks, key vulnerabilities in password-based systems. A passkey’s unique design makes it nearly impossible for hackers to duplicate or forge, safeguarding your Amazon account from unauthorized access. Its robust security framework ensures that your sensitive information remains protected.

2. Simplicity

The ease of use provided by passkeys streamlines the sign-in process. Unlike passwords, which can be complex and hard to remember, passkeys often involve biometric authentication. This could mean a simple fingerprint scan or facial recognition to access your Amazon account. This method eliminates the need to remember and type passwords, offering a user-friendly and hassle-free experience.

3. Reduced Risk of Password Theft

Passkeys mitigate the risk of password theft. Traditional passwords can be intercepted or stolen through various methods. However, passkeys are tied to specific devices and biometric data, making them much harder to compromise. This unique attribute ensures that your Amazon account remains secure, as the passkey cannot be easily duplicated or transferred to unauthorized individuals.

4. No More Password Resets

Passkeys eliminate the common issue of forgetting passwords. Traditional password systems often lead to frequent resets, a process that can be time-consuming and frustrating. With passkeys, this problem is non-existent, as they rely on user-friendly methods like biometrics or device-based authentication. This convenience ensures a smoother and more efficient user experience.

5. Protection from Brute Force Attacks

Passkeys are immune to brute force attacks, a significant threat to traditional password systems. In such attacks, hackers use automated software to guess passwords. The cryptographic nature of passkeys, however, renders them impervious to these attacks. This characteristic significantly enhances the security of your Amazon account.

6. Compliance and Best Practices

Using passkeys aligns with the best practices in digital security. For businesses and individuals keen on adhering to security standards, passkeys offer a compliant solution. They represent a proactive approach to safeguarding digital accounts, in line with current security protocols and recommendations.

7. User Experience

Passkeys enhance the overall user experience. They replace the traditional method of typing passwords with a more modern approach. This could involve using biometrics or a simple device confirmation. Such a system not only improves security but also offers a more pleasant and advanced interaction with your Amazon account.

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