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Knowing how to set your home Xbox is important if you have multiple Xbox consoles in your house and you want to share purchased games, and your Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass memberships between them. Additionally, when you set a home Xbox, anyone who logs into that console can play your games and use your memberships on that device without you having to be signed in. The only caveat is that you can only switch what console is your home Xbox up to five times per year. In this article I’ll show you how to set your home Xbox. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Set Your Home Xbox

  1. Navigate to your Xbox home screen, and then click your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Press “B” to go back to the Profile and System menu. Select “Settings” in this menu.
  3. Choose “General” in the list of options on the left side of the screen, and then choose “Personalization” in the General options that appear on the right side of the screen.
  4. Choose “My Home Xbox” in this menu.
  5. Click “Make this my home Xbox.” A window is displayed letting you know that when you set this device as your home Xbox other people in your household who log into that Xbox will be able to play your games and use your Xbox Live and Game Pass benefits, even when you’re not signed in. Additionally, you’ll also see a line that lets you know how many more times you can switch your home Xbox in the current year.
  6. Click “Make This My Home Xbox” to confirm that you want to set this device as your home Xbox. You’ll return to the My Home Xbox screen where you’ll now see a note that says this device is set as your home Xbox. Additionally, you’ll also see an option to remove this device as your home Xbox.

5 Reasons to Set Your Home Xbox

1. Game Sharing

One of the biggest perks of setting a home Xbox is the ability to share games. By designating your console as your home Xbox, anyone who uses it can play the games you own. This includes both digital purchases and Xbox Game Pass titles. This setup is ideal for households with multiple gamers. It eliminates the need to buy multiple copies of the same game. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure everyone has access to a wide library of games. Plus, it simplifies game management, keeping everything centralized on one console.

2. Access to Xbox Live Gold

If you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, setting your console as the home Xbox extends these benefits to others on the same console. All users on the designated home Xbox can enjoy multiplayer gaming, Games with Gold, and other Gold-specific discounts and perks. This is especially beneficial for families or roommates. It makes the cost of a single subscription much more valuable. Everyone can enjoy the enhanced features without having to pay for additional memberships.

3. Convenience of Automatic Downloads

Setting your Xbox as the home console allows for automatic download of content. This includes games and updates. When you purchase a game on your profile, it will automatically download to your home Xbox. This feature is incredibly convenient for keeping your game library ready to play. It ensures that updates are applied as soon as they’re available. You won’t have to wait for installations when you’re eager to play. This feature also allows for smoother and faster gameplay experiences.

4. Ease of Offline Play

In today’s connected world, internet outages can disrupt gaming. By setting a home Xbox, you ensure that you can play your games offline. The home Xbox does not require you to be online to verify game ownership. This is perfect for those times when the internet is down or when bandwidth is limited. You can dive into your favorite games without any hassle. This setup provides peace of mind, knowing that your entertainment is not solely dependent on an internet connection.

5. Parental Controls and Safety

For families, setting a home Xbox provides critical parental control features. It centralizes these settings across all profiles used on the console. Parents can manage privacy, online safety, and purchase settings easily. This ensures that children are interacting with content that is appropriate for their age. It also controls their online interactions. These settings help create a safer gaming environment. They reassure parents that their children’s gaming experiences are both fun and secure.

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