How to Set a Login Passcode on PS5


If you live somewhere where there are multiple users of a single PlayStation 5 and everyone has their own account, a great way to keep other people from messing with your account is to set a login passcode on that PS5. A login passcode adds an extra layer of security that won’t let other people just choose your account at the login screen and then immediately get access to it.

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Steps to Set a Login Passcode on PS5

  1. Navigate to your PS5 home screen, and then click the “Settings” icon. You’ll land on the Settings screen.
  2. Click “Users and Accounts” in this menu. You’ll land on the Users and Accounts screen.

  1. Select “Login Settings” in the menu on the left side of the screen. The Login Settings menu options will be displayed in the menu on the right side of the screen.

  1. Click “Set a PS5 Login Passcode.” The Set PS5 Login Passcode screen is shown, prompting you to enter a passcode.

  1. Enter a four-digit passcode, and then enter the passcode again when prompted on the next screen. You’ll be routed back to the Users and Accounts screen. Going forward, you’ll be required to enter the passcode any time you’re prompted to log in to your PlayStation 5.

Reasons to Use a Login Passcode on Your PS5

1. Security

A login passcode is an essential security feature that can protect your PS5 account and prevent unauthorized access. By setting up a passcode, you can ensure that only you or trusted individuals have access to your console. This is especially important if you store sensitive information on your PlayStation 5, such as payment details, personal information, or game saves. Without a passcode, anyone can pick up your controller and log in to your account.

2. Parental Controls

The PS5 allows parents to set up parental controls and restrict their children’s access to certain games, content, or features. By setting up a passcode, parents can ensure that their kids do not play games or access content that is not suitable for their age. This can also prevent kids from changing settings or making unauthorized purchases. With a passcode, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and protected while using the console.

3. Privacy

Setting up a passcode on your PlayStation 5 can help protect your privacy. If you share your console with others, a passcode can prevent them from accessing your personal information, saved games, or settings. This is especially important if you have roommates, siblings, or guests who may use your console. By setting up a passcode, you can ensure that your data remains private and secure.

4. Multiple Users

If multiple people use the same PS5, setting up a passcode for each user can keep their accounts and data separate. This can prevent accidental deletion or modification of saved games, profiles, or settings. With a passcode, each user can have their own customized experience on the console.

5. Online Purchases

Using a PlayStation 5 to make online purchases is convenient, but it can also be risky. Setting up a passcode can help prevent unauthorized purchases by requiring a verification code before completing a transaction. This can also prevent accidental purchases by young children who may not understand the consequences of their actions. With a passcode, you can shop online with confidence knowing that your purchases are protected.

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