How to Send Silent Facebook Messenger Message Without Notification


Even when someone’s phone is set to vibrate for new notifications, the people around can often hear it and get frustrated or annoyed if the notifications are constant. Thankfully, if you really want to send someone a Facebook Messenger message that’s on your mind but don’t want to worry about the recipient getting in trouble for their phone making noise whether they are at work, school or somewhere else that would frown upon the noise, Facebook has added a feature called Shortcuts that lets users use short commands to use new features. One of those features lets you send a silent Facebook Messenger message where the recipient won’t be notified.

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Steps to Send Silent Facebook Messenger Message Without Notification

  1. Open Facebook Messenger to land on your Messenger home screen, and then either reply or start a new message with the person, or people, you want to send a silent Facebook Messenger message to. Again, I’ll show this using the Facebook Messenger web app, but the steps are the same on the Messenger iPhone, iPad and Android apps as well.
  2. Click inside of the field to enter a new message, and then type “/silent” in that field. You’ll see a pop-up directly above the new message field that gives you the option to send a message without a notification.

  1. Click “Silent.” The text “/silent” will now show as highlighted in your message field. You can move forward with typing and sending the rest of your message after that text. The recipient will not receive either a sound- or vibration-based notification that they have received a new Facebook Messenger message, and the only notifications they receive will be silent, such as an updated count on their app notification badge. They will also see the Silent shortcode at the beginning of the message, which is meant to let them know that the message was sent silently.

Reasons to Send a Silent Facebook Messenger Message Without a Notification

1. Avoid Disturbing Others in Public Settings

If you’re in a library, theater, or any other quiet public place, sending a silent message on Facebook Messenger can be a great way to communicate without disturbing others. The ability to send a text message without making a sound can be a lifesaver in these situations.

2. Send a Discreet Message

When you need to send a message to someone in close proximity, but don’t want to draw attention to yourself, a silent message on Facebook Messenger is ideal. You can discreetly communicate without drawing unwanted attention.

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