How to See How Much Money You’re Making from YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts are great for pulling in a ton of views and picking up subscribers. However, where they fall short is that, when compared with long-form videos on the platform, they don’t earn a lot of money. It’s important to understand how much money you’re making from your YouTube Shorts videos so you can better plan how you want to leverage YouTube Shorts in your overall YouTube strategy.

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Steps to See How Much Money You’re Making from YouTube Shorts

  1. Open YouTube Studio in a desktop web browser, and then log into the YouTube account you want to see your YouTube Shorts earnings for.
  2. Click “Analytics” in the menu on the left side of the screen. Your Analytics information is displayed on the right side of the screen.
Click Analytics in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  1. Click “Revenue.” Your YouTube account revenue information is shown in the lower part of this window.
Click Revenue.
  1. Scroll down this screen and find the Content Performance section. You’ll see the revenue, views and revenue for everyone one thousand viewers, known as RPM, in this section for your long-form, non-Shorts videos for the duration your viewing data for.
  2. Click “Shorts” in this section.
Click Shorts in the Content Performance section.

You’ll see the same fields in this section, but it will show the earnings information for your YouTube Shorts. Again, for your specified duration, you’ll see the total amount your YouTube Shorts earned over that duration, how many views your YouTube Shorts got over that duration, and the revenue for every one thousand views your YouTube Shorts generated over that duration. You can change the duration your seeing your YouTube Shorts data for by clicking the date drop-down at the top of the screen and choosing a different duration.

Reasons to See How Much Money You’re Making from YouTube Shorts

1. Revenue Tracking

Understanding your income sources is fundamental to your financial health. YouTube Shorts revenue is no exception. By tracking this revenue, you can evaluate your financial performance in real time. This practice provides insight into your earnings’ sustainability. It gives a clear picture of whether your efforts in creating these videos are worthwhile. It’s like getting a report card for your work, which is crucial in any business or individual endeavor.

2. Content Strategy

Your content strategy can greatly benefit from knowing your YouTube Shorts revenue. This information reveals which content type yields higher profits. For instance, if Shorts bring in more money than long-form videos, you might pivot. Focusing more on Shorts could optimize your content strategy. It’s about making informed decisions to maximize your content’s potential and profitability.

3. Performance Evaluation

Your YouTube Shorts revenue serves as a performance indicator. If you’re making substantial money, it means your content is resonating with your audience. It suggests that your videos are popular, attracting viewership and engagement. Thus, tracking your revenue becomes a performance evaluation tool. It’s like a yardstick, measuring the effectiveness and appeal of your content.

4. Budgeting and Planning

For financial planning and budgeting, revenue understanding is essential. If you depend on YouTube Shorts revenue, knowing your earnings becomes critical. It helps you plan your finances, allocate resources, and manage expenses. Essentially, it allows you to create a robust financial plan that aligns with your income. It’s a compass, guiding your financial journey.

5. Monetization Assessment

If your YouTube Shorts aren’t generating expected revenue, reassess your monetization strategies. You could consider sponsorships, merchandise sales, or Patreon support. Knowing your revenue can help you decide which route to take. It’s like a beacon, highlighting the need for change and steering you towards potentially more profitable paths.

6. Understanding YouTube’s Algorithm

The YouTube algorithm determines video recommendations. Your revenue gives clues about how this algorithm responds to your content. If your revenue is high, the algorithm likely favors your Shorts. By understanding this, you can tailor your content accordingly. It’s like a translator, decoding the language of YouTube’s algorithm.

7. A/B Testing

If you’re experimenting with content variations, revenue tracking can reveal what’s working. Maybe shorter videos perform better, or perhaps certain posting times yield more profit. Your revenue data can help identify these patterns. It’s like a laboratory, enabling you to conduct experiments and discover successful formulas.

8. Negotiating Sponsorships and Partnerships

Knowing your YouTube Shorts revenue can be a negotiation tool. When discussing deals with potential sponsors or partners, this information is invaluable. It can help you leverage better agreements. It’s like a bargaining chip, empowering you in business negotiations.

9. Tax Purposes

Earnings from YouTube Shorts are taxable in many places. Therefore, knowing your revenue is vital for tax reporting. It enables you to fulfill your tax obligations accurately. It’s like a record keeper, ensuring you meet your legal responsibilities.

10. Motivation

Seeing the fruits of your labor in monetary terms can be motivating. The financial rewards from your YouTube Shorts can inspire you to create more. It’s like a morale booster, providing encouragement and fueling your creativity.

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