How to Reset Netflix App on iPhone or iPad


The Netflix app for iPhone and iPad is generally great, but it can occasionally crash, the audio can get out of sync, or any number of other issues. A good first troubleshooting step to address these issues is to reset the Netflix app, which can be done in a few quick taps.

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Steps to Reset Netflix App on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll land on the Settings screen.
  2. Scroll down this screen, and then tap “Netflix.”
  1. Navigate to the Netflix Settings section, and then toggle on “Reset.” The next time you launch the Netflix app it will be fully reset and you’ll need to sign in again. To avoid having the Netflix app reset every time you launch it, you may need to return to the Netflix screen and toggle “Reset” back off if it’s on.

Reasons to Reset the Netflix App on iPhone or iPad

1. App Crashing

Consistent crashing of the Netflix app is frustrating. It interrupts your favorite shows and ruins your viewing experience. A variety of factors could lead to this problem. It might be a bug in the app, a memory issue, or incompatibility with your device’s operating system. If it happens repeatedly, it implies the app isn’t stable on your iPhone or iPad. Resetting the Netflix app can eradicate these persistent problems, providing you with a smoother user experience.

2. Video Playback Issues

Streaming videos smoothly is Netflix’s core function. Problems with video playback can be incredibly disruptive. These issues might manifest as constant buffering, sudden drops in quality, or even refusal to play the video. Causes range from poor network conditions to glitches within the app. Resetting the app can often recalibrate its internal functions, resolving such video playback issues.

3. Error Messages

Regular error messages are signs of underlying issues in an app. They occur when the app can’t execute a command or operation. Netflix uses these messages to communicate issues with the user. They may range from network problems to issues with content retrieval. If these messages persist, resetting the Netflix app may rectify the issue, ensuring smoother operation.

4. Loading Problems

Being stuck on the loading screen is an annoying issue. It prevents you from accessing Netflix’s content and enjoying your favorite shows or movies. This problem could stem from network issues or application-level glitches. A stuck loading screen suggests the app is unable to retrieve or load the necessary information. Resetting the Netflix app might unblock these bottlenecks and provide a smoother viewing experience.

5. Login Problems

Login issues prevent you from accessing your Netflix account. Despite inputting correct credentials, the app might reject them. This could occur due to several reasons like server issues, account suspension, or even app-level errors. These problems create a barrier between you and your favorite content. Resetting the app can often resolve these login problems, allowing you to get back to streaming.

6. Sound or Audio Issues

Enjoying Netflix content requires both clear visuals and crisp audio. Problems with sound significantly hamper your viewing experience. These issues can range from a total lack of audio to desynchronized sound. They often occur due to software glitches within the app or compatibility issues with your device. By resetting the Netflix app, you can eliminate these audio issues, restoring a comprehensive viewing experience.

7. Incorrect Display

A key part of Netflix’s user interface is accurate display information. Incorrect details like wrong titles, incorrect images, or inaccurate descriptions can be disorienting. Such errors could occur due to problems with data retrieval or syncing issues. It disrupts the user’s navigation and their ability to find content. Resetting the Netflix app often resolves these display issues, ensuring you have the correct information.

8. Slow Performance

Slow performance can be a major hindrance while using Netflix. Slow loading times and sluggish navigation can dampen the user experience significantly. These issues might arise from various sources, including insufficient device memory, high device CPU usage, or app-level problems. A reset can often revitalize the app’s performance, leading to a quicker, smoother experience.

9. Update Problems

App updates are crucial to keep your apps running smoothly. Sometimes, however, the Netflix app might not update correctly. This can lead to numerous issues, including app instability, feature malfunctions, or even the app crashing. Update issues can occur due to network problems or compatibility issues with your device. Resetting the Netflix app often helps to circumvent these update problems, ensuring you get the most out of the latest features and improvements.

10. Issues After an iOS Update

iOS updates often bring new features and improvements. However, they may also cause some apps to malfunction, including Netflix. These issues may result from changes in the operating system’s coding, leading to incompatibility with the app. This could cause problems ranging from minor glitches to the app not opening at all. In such situations, resetting the Netflix app can often resolve these compatibility issues, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.

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