How to Request Your Local Library Purchase a Book on Libby


Libby is an awesome digital service available for free through most local libraries. And if your local library doesn’t offer Libby, you can purchase access to the service through other libraries, generally at a very reasonable cost. The only downside is that some books you want to read or listen to may not be available on Libby because the library you access the service through hasn’t purchased the rights to that content. This is especially common with smaller and lesser-known authors. Thankfully, it’s easy to send a signal to your library that you want them to purchase the rights to make additional books available on the platform. And if your favorite author is local or lesser-known, this is a great way to support them.

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Steps to Request Your Local Library Purchase a Book on Libby

  1. Launch the Libby app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll land on your Libby home screen.
  2. Tap the “Search” icon in the menu along the bottom of the screen. The Search screen is displayed.
  1. Type the name of the author of the book you’d like to have added to Libby in the Search bar at the top of the screen. The list of search suggestions populates as you type.
  1. Tap the name of the author who wrote the book you’d like to have added to Libby in the search results. A list of that author’s content that is either available on Libby or eligible to be purchased for Libby is shown. If you don’t see the name of the author you’re looking for in this list, they may not have any content that doesn’t live on an exclusive platform, such as Kindle Unlimited. Authors will only show up if they have non-exclusive content available.
  1. Find the book you’d like your local library to purchase. Again, even if the author has content available on Libby, the specific book you’re looking for may not show up in this list because it’s exclusive to a specific platform, like Kindle Unlimited. Tap “Notify Me” associated with that book. A window pops up where you’ll see a note that this title isn’t in your library’s catalog currently.
  1. Tap the smart tag bell icon below that note. Your library will be anonymously notified of your interest in that specific book on Libby, and you’ll be notified if your library decides to purchase access to that book and make it available on Libby.

Reasons to Request that Your Local Library Purchase a Book on Libby

1. High Demand for Certain Titles

Popular books often have long wait times due to limited digital copies. By requesting additional copies, readers can access these titles more quickly. This encourages continuous reading habits and increases reader satisfaction. It also reduces the frustration of having to wait to read a highly anticipated book.

2. Enhanced Accessibility

Digital books are a boon for those with mobility issues or busy schedules. They offer the ability to read anywhere, anytime. Having a desired book on Libby means it’s just a tap away. It aids in keeping reading a priority, even amidst hectic schedules. It’s an inclusive measure that ensures everyone can enjoy reading, no matter their circumstance.

3. Reading Preference for Digital Books

Some people find comfort in the glow of a screen rather than the flip of a page. Requesting a book on Libby caters to this preference. It provides a personalized reading experience and encourages more engagement with literature. Furthermore, it’s a nod to the modern trend of digitalization, keeping up with changing reading habits.

4. Adding New Releases

Requesting new releases ensures the library’s collection remains current and relevant. It’s an exciting opportunity to read the latest works promptly. It also enables the library to cater to the interests of a wide demographic, keeping the community engaged and excited about reading.

5. Cost Savings and Efficiency

Requesting a digital book on Libby is an economically wise move. It’s a way to read without financial investment, and it’s beneficial for the library too. Digital books don’t wear out, get lost, or require physical storage. It’s a cost-effective method that maximizes resources and benefits both parties.

6. Inclusion of Various Genres and Authors

Requesting diverse books leads to an inclusive library collection. It opens doors for readers to explore less-known genres and authors. It broadens the reading spectrum and promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion. It also provides exposure for underrepresented authors, adding to the richness of the collection.

7. Support for Learning and Research

Educational or research-based books are valuable resources. Requesting them for the library benefits a wide audience. It helps foster a learning community and provides access to credible sources. It’s an enriching endeavor that promotes knowledge-sharing and lifelong learning.

8. Environmentally Friendly Reading

Digital books are an eco-friendly choice. They require no physical resources to produce or store. By requesting digital books on Libby, readers can reduce their carbon footprint. It’s a conscious choice to support sustainability while fostering a love for reading.

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