How to Remove iPhone and iPad Calendar Spam


If you’re all of a sudden getting unwanted notifications and invites on your iPhone or iPad, it’s likely that you unknowingly tapped a link that subscribed you to calendar. Thankfully, there’s no calendar virus that’s taken over your iPhone or iPad, and you can get rid of it quickly by finding the rogue subscribed calendar and then unsubscribing from it. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Remove iPhone and iPad Calendar Spam

  1. Open the “Settings” app and then tap “Calendar” in this menu. The Calendar screen is displayed.
  2. Tap “Accounts” in this list, and then tap “Subscribed Calendars.” You’ll see a list of the calendars you’ve subscribed to on your Apple account.
  3. Review the list of calendars you’re subscribed to and identify the items you don’t feel belong or that you know you didn’t knowingly subscribe to. Tap one of the items you don’t recall subscribing to. An information screen for this subscribed calendar is displayed.
  4. Tap “Delete Account” at the bottom of this screen. A message appears asking if you’re sure you want to delete this account and remove this calendar from your iPhone or iPad. Tap “Delete Account” again. You’ll be returned to the Subscribed Calendars screen where that calendar will no longer be displayed in this list, and all entries associated with that deleted calendar will be removed from your iPhone or iPad. As a result, you’ll no longer get the unwanted notifications or invites you were getting previously.

5 Reasons to Remove iPhone and iPad Calendar Spam

1. Privacy Protection

Calendar spam often involves invites from unknown senders. These can be phishing attempts. By accepting these, you might unintentionally share personal information. Regularly cleaning your calendar keeps your private details safe. It also avoids potential security breaches. Remember, spammers are clever. They use enticing event titles to trick you into clicking. Always be cautious and when in doubt, remove suspicious calendar entries.

2. Clutter Reduction

Nobody likes a messy calendar. Spam entries clutter up your schedule, making it hard to see your actual appointments. This confusion leads to missed meetings and poor time management. Regular cleanup ensures your calendar remains a reliable tool for daily planning. A clean calendar means a clearer mind and a more productive day. Think of it like housekeeping for your digital life; routine tidiness enhances functionality and efficiency.

3. Improved Device Performance

Spam can bog down your calendar app’s performance. Each spam invite might seem small, but collectively, they consume memory and processing power. By removing them, you can speed up your app. This makes your iPhone or iPad more responsive. A faster device saves you time and frustration, especially when you need quick access to your schedule. Plus, fewer items syncing means quicker updates across your devices.

4. Avoidance of Accidental Engagements

Accidentally accepting a spam invite can be more than just annoying. It can sync harmful content or links to your device. This might lead to malware infections or data leaks. By eliminating spam, you safeguard against these risks. It also prevents you from being overwhelmed by alarms and reminders for events that aren’t real. Keeping your calendar spam-free helps maintain its integrity as a tool for genuine engagements.

5. Enhanced Mental Well-being

Constant notifications and reminders for spam events can be stressful. They interrupt your day and can lead to anxiety. Knowing your calendar is filled with only genuine events can reduce stress. It allows you to focus on what’s important. A spam-free calendar supports a balanced, organized lifestyle. It contributes to a sense of control and calm in your digital interactions, enhancing your overall mental well-being.

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