How to Remove a Follower on TikTok


Maybe some of your TikTok followers aren’t engaging with your content. Maybe they are clearly a bot. No matter the reason TikTok makes cleaning up your list of followers a relatively easy process.

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Steps to Remove a Follower on TikTok

  1. Launch the TikTok app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  2. Tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Find your count of TikTok followers located directly beneath your username, and then tap that number. A list of your TikTok followers is displayed.

  1. Find the specific TikTok follower you want to remove and then tap the ellipses shown next to that follower. A menu is shown at the bottom of the screen where you’ll see the option to remove this follower.

  1. Tap “Remove This Follower.” A Remove This Follower window pops up letting you know that this person will no longer follow you and won’t be notified that you’ve removed them.

  1. Tap “Remove.” That TikTok follower will immediately be removed from your list of TikTok followers.

Reasons You May Want to Remove a Follower on TikTok

1. Spam or Inappropriate Content

Spamming and posting inappropriate content are two major reasons why someone may choose to remove a follower on TikTok. To keep their profile clean and professional, users may want to remove followers who constantly post irrelevant or offensive material. This not only protects the account owner’s image, but it also ensures that their followers have a positive experience on the platform.

2. Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a big concern for many TikTok users. If a user feels uncomfortable with someone following their account, they can remove that person as a follower. This keeps personal information and content private and secure. Additionally, users can control who sees their content by removing followers they do not know or trust.

3. Harassment or Bullying

Harassment and bullying are major issues on social media platforms, including TikTok. If a follower is harassing or bullying the account owner, they can choose to remove them to protect their well-being. This helps to maintain a positive environment for the account owner and their followers.

4. Unwanted Attention

Unwanted attention from followers can be a nuisance for TikTok users. If someone is consistently sending messages or comments that the account owner does not want, they can remove that person as a follower. This helps to prevent distractions and allows the account owner to focus on creating and sharing content.

5. Personal Preference

Finally, personal preference is another reason why someone may choose to remove a follower on TikTok. If the account owner does not find someone interesting or does not like their content, they can remove them as a follower. This allows the account owner to maintain a following that they find interesting and enjoyable to interact with.

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