How to Redeem Fortnite VBucks Gift Card on Xbox


Giving someone a Fortnite VBucks gift card is easy, but the process to redeem that gift card and apply those Fortnite VBucks to your account is a headache. If the gift card you got contains a generic Epic Games code and not an Xbox-specific code, you’ll have to jump through some hoops. But don’t worry. In this video I’ve got you covered, and will show you how to redeem a Fortnite VBucks gift card on your Xbox so you can load up your digital wallet and start shopping.

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Steps to Redeem Fortnite VBucks Gift Card on Xbox

  1. Open your Web browser and navigate to
  2. Click “Sign In” and then log into the Epic Games account associated with the Fortnite account you want to add Fortnite VBucks to. If the Fortnite account you want to apply your VBucks gift card to doesn’t have an associated Epic Games account, you’ll need to create an Epic Games account before you can move forward. You can do this by clicking “Get Started,” choosing the platform you use to sign into your Epic Games account, and then continuing through the process to create your account. If you don’t have an Epic Games account, you can check out my article that will show you how to create an Epic Games account.
  3. After you sign in with your Epic Games account, you’ll still want to click “Get Started” on this page. You’ll land on a page that tells you to enter the PIN code from your Fortnite gift card.
Click Get Started.

  1. Scratch off the PIN code on your Fortnite VBucks gift card, enter the code in the Enter Your Code field on the website, and then click “Next.” Another field is displayed asking where you want to use your Fortnite VBucks.
Enter the code associated with your Fortnite gift card.

  1. Click the drop-down and then choose what device you primarily play Fortnite on. In this example, I’ll choose Xbox. Click “Next.” The next screen shows you an overview of where you’ll redeem your Fortnite VBucks, what account the VBucks will be redeemed for, and the amount of VBucks you’re redeeming.
Click Xbox.

  1. Click “Confirm.” Be aware that this screen won’t disappear, which is confusing. But don’t worry. A code you can redeem on your Xbox has been emailed to you. Don’t panic if you don’t see the code initially, as it took roughly 15 minutes for my code to land in my email inbox. When it does, the email will look like this and the code will appear here. However, if you’d prefer not to wait and you want your code immediately, you can navigate to, click the name of your Epic Games account at the top of the screen to open a drop-down menu, and then click “Account.” The General Settings screen is shown. Click “Transactions” in the menu on the left side of the screen, and then click the “Purchase History” drop-down on the right side of the screen. Click “VBucks Card Redemption History” in the drop-down menu. The VBucks Card Redemption History screen is shown, listing all of the Fortnite VBucks gift cards you’ve redeemed for this account. Find the VBucks Card Code associated with the gift card you just redeemed. The Secondary Code field next to that is the code you want to write down so you can redeem it on your Xbox.
You will get an email that looks like this with a code on it.

  1. Navigate to your Xbox home screen, and then press the “Xbox” button on your controller to bring up a menu.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the menu and then select the “Store” icon. The Microsoft Store is displayed.
  3. Expand the menu on the left side of the screen, and then click “Redeem” in the menu. The Redeem Your Code or Gift Card screen is displayed.
Click Redeem.

  1. Enter the secondary code you copied down in the field, and then click “Next.” A screen is displayed that shows you what this code will give you. In this case it will apply Fortnite VBucks. Click “Confirm.” A message appears letting you know that you’re good to go and that your Fortnite VBucks have been applied to your account. Now, the next time you launch Fortnite on your Xbox, you’ll see your Fortnite VBucks gift card applied to your account.

Reasons to Redeem a Fortnite VBucks Gift Card on Xbox

1. Buy In-Game Items

Give your character a unique look with Fortnite’s extensive collection of skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items. Purchase these items with V-Bucks and stand out in the virtual world. Show off your style with new outfits and dance moves.

2. Participate in Special Events

Take part in exclusive in-game events and challenges with V-Bucks. Experience new adventures and unlock rewards. From seasonal events to one-time experiences, V-Bucks let you join in on the fun.

3. Upgrade with the Battle Pass

Enhance your gaming experience with the Fortnite Battle Pass. Purchase V-Bucks to unlock new challenges and rewards each season. Progress through tiers to unlock skins, emotes, and other in-game items.

4. Improve Your Gameplay

Make your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable by purchasing upgraded versions of in-game items such as harvesting tools, gliders, and backpacks. V-Bucks make it easy to take your game to the next level.

5. Gift to a Friend

Give the gift of V-Bucks to a Fortnite-playing friend or family member. Surprise them with the ability to buy the items they’ve been wanting. Show your love and support with this thoughtful gift.

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