How to Recover Recently Deleted Text Messages On Your iPhone or iPad


Until recently, when you deleted a text message conversation on your iPhone or iPad, it was gone for good. However, with the rollout of iOS 16 for iPhone and iPadOS 16 for iPad, Apple gives you a 30-day window after deleting a text message conversation to restore it.

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Steps to Recover Recently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone or iPad

  1. Starting from any point in the Messages app on your Apple iPhone or iPad, tap the icon in the upper left corner of the screen until you land on the Messages screen.
  2. Tap “Recently Deleted.” The Recently Deleted screen is shown, where you’ll see a list of senders you’ve deleted message conversations from, the number of deleted messages from each of those senders, and the number of days remaining until those messages are permanently deleted.
  3. Scroll through this list to find the sender you want to restore the text message conversation from, and then tap to place a check mark next to any senders where you want to un-delete and restore those conversations. Tap “Recover” to open a menu.
  4. Tap “Recover Messages.” That specific text message conversation will be restored in the Messages app.

Reasons to Recover Recently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone or iPad

1. Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is the leading cause of lost messages. The digital world can be clumsy. A misplaced tap or a swipe could erase a text, leaving you bereft of vital information. No matter how careful you are, human error can still occur, resulting in unintentional message deletion.

2. Evidence Purposes

Text messages can play a critical role in legal proceedings. They often serve as digital evidence, revealing pertinent information or communication history. They can substantiate claims, corroborate stories, or expose falsehoods. As such, the need to recover deleted texts can become a matter of justice.

3. Misunderstandings or Miscommunication

Miscommunication can lead to conflicts or misinformation. Deleted text messages, when recovered, can clarify misunderstandings. By revisiting the original words, people can understand the intent behind a statement, promoting clearer, more effective communication.

4. Sentimental Reasons

Text messages often hold sentimental value. They can capture a precious moment, a loving word, or a comforting exchange. The need to recover these deleted messages arises from a desire to re-experience these emotional touchstones. Preserving such texts can be a heartfelt endeavor.

5. Important Information

People use text messages to share crucial information. From appointment reminders to passwords and addresses, these messages can hold key data. If such texts get deleted accidentally, recovering them is essential to regain access to important details.

6. Business Purposes

Text messages can be crucial for business communication. They can contain vital decisions, contracts, or ideas discussed. If such messages are lost, recovering them is important to ensure continuity in business operations and maintain corporate records.

7. Data Loss

Data corruption or device malfunctions can lead to loss of messages. Suddenly, your device could become a blank slate, with all your communication history gone. In such cases, recovering these lost messages becomes imperative to restore normalcy.

8. Parental Control

For some parents, monitoring their children’s text messages is an important safety measure. It allows them to keep track of their child’s interactions and intervene if necessary. If such messages get deleted, parents may wish to recover them for oversight purposes.

9. Historical Record

Keeping a record of communications can be useful for many. It’s a digital diary of sorts. If this record gets deleted, the urge to recover the lost messages comes from a desire to maintain this historical narrative.

10. Restoring a Backup

When transitioning to a new device, recovering old messages becomes important. Texts can carry over memories, valuable data, or important conversations from the old device. Restoring these texts on the new device ensures continuity in communication and data retention.

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