How to Put Hulu Account on Hold


You can pause your Hulu subscription for up to 12 weeks. This is great if you know you’re not going to be watching the service for a defined period of time, such as if you’re going on vacation. There are some caveats, though. First, the hold on your Hulu account will start on the first day of your next billing cycle and you can’t define when it starts. Additionally, you can only pause your Hulu subscription if you get billed for Hulu through Hulu, Roku or Amazon. For example, if you’re billed through Apple, you won’t be able to pause your Hulu subscription. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Put Your Hulu Account on Hold

  1. Open your web browser, navigate to, and then log in to your Hulu account if prompted. You’ll land on your Hulu home screen.
  2. Click your Hulu account name in the upper right corner of the screen to open a drop-down menu, and then click “Account” in that menu. The Manage Your Account screen appears.
  3. Make sure the Overview tab is selected at the top of the Hulu Manage Your Account screen. Then scroll down and click “Pause” to the right of Pause Your Subscription in the Your Subscription section. The Just Hit Pause screen appears, encouraging you to pause your Hulu subscription instead of cancelling it.
  4. Click the drop-down menu after the message to see options for how long you can pause your Hulu subscription. You can pause your Hulu subscription for up to 12 weeks. Click “Pause Subscription” after making your selection. The Pause Scheduled screen appears, informing you that your Hulu subscription will be paused for your selected period of time starting on your next regular billing date. Additionally, your Hulu subscription will be resumed automatically at the end of the scheduled hold on your Hulu account.
  5. Click “Go To Account.” You’ll be returned to the Hulu Manage Your Account screen, where you’ll now see a big message at the top of this screen calling out that your Hulu subscription will be paused and the date your Hulu account will be put on hold. You can resume your subscription at any time by navigating back to this screen and clicking “Resume My Subscription.”

5 Reasons to Put Hulu Account on Hold

1. Traveling Abroad

If you’re planning an extended trip outside the U.S., putting your Hulu account on hold makes sense. Hulu’s content is geo-restricted. This means it’s inaccessible from many international locations. By pausing your subscription, you avoid paying for a service you can’t use. Many travelers find this financially prudent. It also saves the hassle of dealing with unreliable VPN services, which can be hit or miss with streaming platforms. Resume watching your favorite shows once you return, all without having paid needless fees.

2. Financial Savings

In tough economic times, every penny counts. Suspending your Hulu subscription can contribute to short-term budget relief. This is especially true if you find yourself not using the service as much as you thought you would. Perhaps you’re exploring free entertainment alternatives or simply cutting back on discretionary spending. Putting your account on hold ensures you’re not wasting money on unused services. You can reactivate your account anytime when your financial situation stabilizes.

3. Seasonal Show Availability

Some users primarily subscribe to Hulu for specific shows. If your favorite series is between seasons, why pay for the downtime? Pausing your subscription until the new season starts is a smart move. This approach maximizes your investment in Hulu. You only pay when the content you love is available. This strategy is perfect for viewers who prioritize certain annual releases or live sports seasons.

4. Service Overload

With the vast number of streaming options available today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re juggling multiple subscriptions, it might be time to take a break from one or more. Putting Hulu on hold can reduce your entertainment load. It helps you focus on content from other services that you haven’t caught up with yet. Once you’ve made the most of your other subscriptions, you can come back to Hulu with fresh eyes.

5. Personal Life Changes

Life can throw unexpected changes your way, such as a new job, a big move, or the arrival of a new family member. During such times, your TV watching habits can take a backseat. Pausing your Hulu account during these busy periods ensures you’re not paying for something you’re not using. Once things settle down, you can restart your subscription and enjoy your shows without having missed anything.

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