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Using free streaming music services such as Spotify or Pandora on your Amazon Alexa device is alright, but if you’re already paying for an Apple Music subscription there’s no reason not to access that music service on your Alexa device and listen to whatever you want, without having to put up with ads or other limitations. Linking your Apple Music account to Alexa so you can play Apple Music through your Echo device only takes a few minutes. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Play Apple Music on Alexa

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app on your smart device, and then tap the “Menu” icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The Menu icon features three horizontal lines. A menu flies in from the left side of the screen.
  2. Tap “Settings” in the menu. The Settings menu appears.
  3. Scroll down to the Alexa Preferences section, and then tap “Music.” The Music screen opens.
  4. Tap “Link New Service” toward the top of the screen. The Link Service screen appears.
  5. Tap “Apple Music” in the list of options. The Apple Music skill screen appears.
  6. Tap “Enable to Use” on the Apple Music skill screen. A Link Account screen appears that prompts you to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID, and then enter the password associated with your account. Enter any information that comes up asking you to verify yourself as the owner of the Apple ID you entered information for. A screen appears with a request for Alexa to access information associated with your Apple Music account.
  7. Tap “Allow” on the Access Request screen. A screen appears with a message that your Apple Music account has been successfully linked to your Amazon Alexa account. Tap “Done” in the upper left corner of this screen. You’ll be returned to the Apple Music skill screen, where you’ll see the skill is enabled. Additionally, when you navigate back to the Music screen, you’ll also see Apple Music is now in the list of linked services.

If Apple Music is set up as your default Alexa music service, any music you request will automatically be played from Apple Music. Alternatively, if you have multiple music services connected and Apple Music isn’t your default music service, you’ll need to specify that you want Alexa to play a song or playlist “on Apple Music.”

You can unlink Apple Music from Alexa at any time by navigating back to the Apple Music skill screen and then tapping “Disable Skill.”

5 Reasons to Play Apple Music on Alexa

1. Seamless Integration Across Devices

One of the biggest draws to using Apple Music on Alexa is its seamless integration. Apple Music subscribers can effortlessly access their entire library on any Alexa-enabled device. This compatibility extends to various models. It includes the Echo Dot, Echo Studio, and even non-Amazon smart speakers that support Alexa. You can start playing music on your iPhone and continue on your Alexa device at home. The process is straightforward. Just link your Apple Music account in the Alexa app. This feature is especially useful in homes with multiple device types. It ensures that everyone can enjoy high-quality music streaming without needing additional hardware.

2. Voice-Activated Controls

Voice-activated controls are a game-changer for music lovers. With Alexa, you can control Apple Music without lifting a finger. Just by saying simple commands like “Alexa, play the latest Taylor Swift album” or “Alexa, turn up the volume,” you can navigate your music hands-free. This feature is perfect for when you’re cooking, cleaning, or when your hands are simply occupied with other tasks. It also adds an element of modern convenience to your daily routine. Alexa’s ability to understand and execute commands with Apple Music improves the user experience significantly. It makes listening to music more interactive and fun.

3. Personalized Music Experience

Apple Music’s integration with Alexa offers personalized music experiences. Alexa can access your Apple Music listening habits. It can suggest new songs and playlists based on your preferences. This personalization makes discovering new music and artists effortless. Whether you’re into indie rock or pop hits, Alexa makes recommendations that feel tailored just for you. Additionally, you can ask Alexa to play music that fits specific activities or moods, like a workout playlist or songs for a relaxing evening. This smart feature keeps your music fresh and exciting. It continuously adapts to your changing tastes.

4. Multi-Room Audio Setup

If you have multiple Alexa devices in your home, you can set up a multi-room audio system with Apple Music. This allows you to play music simultaneously across several rooms. Each room can even play different tracks, tailored to individual preferences. Setting up multi-room audio is simple. You group Alexa devices through the Alexa app and control where and what music plays throughout your home. This is ideal for parties or family gatherings. It ensures that your music ambiance is consistent from room to room. It’s also great for creating a personalized sound environment in each space.

5. Accessibility Features

Apple Music on Alexa is also celebrated for its accessibility features. These make it easier for everyone to enjoy music. Voice commands help users with mobility or visual impairments control music playback without physical interaction. Alexa’s intuitive voice recognition can handle various accents and speech patterns, which enhances usability. Additionally, the integration supports several languages, broadening its accessibility. These features are crucial for creating an inclusive music listening experience. They highlight the commitment of both Apple and Amazon to support diverse user needs. This inclusiveness ensures that more people can enjoy the benefits of smart music technology.

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