How to Pin and Unpin Text Messages on iPhone or iPad


With the release of iOS 14 for the iPhone and iPadOS 14 for iPad in late 2020, Apple is making it possible for device owners to pin up to nine conversations to the top of the Messages app. Pinning conversations on your iPhone or iPad will make it easier to access your most important message threads.

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Steps to Pin and Unpin Text Messages on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad home screen and then find one of the conversation threads you want to pin to the top of the list.
  2. Perform a short swipe from left to right across that conversation. You’ll see a yellow pin icon.

  1. Tap the “Pin” icon.

You’ll now see that conversation pinned to the top of your list where you’ll be able to more easily tap to open it. Repeat this process to pin up to nine text message threads to the top of your list. You can unpin any of your pinned conversations by performing a long press against any of those conversations to open a menu, and then tapping “Unpin” in the menu.

Reasons to Pin Text Messages on Your iPhone or iPad

1. Easy Access

Having pertinent information at your fingertips enhances efficiency and productivity. When you pin a text message on your iPhone or iPad, you simplify access to crucial details. This function can be extremely beneficial for those frequently referring to specific content, such as addresses, business hours, or contact information. In today’s fast-paced world, being able to access such details immediately can save precious time and reduce frustration.

2. Reminder

Pinned messages can serve as effective reminders. With the flurry of messages one receives daily, essential instructions or appointments might get lost. By pinning these significant texts, you keep them prominent, ensuring you don’t overlook important dates, meeting times, or tasks. It’s like having a personal assistant reminding you of your responsibilities. This can lead to enhanced productivity and ensure a more organized life.

3. Priority Conversations

Maintaining quick and efficient communication with certain people can be crucial. By pinning conversations with important contacts such as family members, close friends, or vital colleagues, you prioritize their messages. It puts these individuals’ communications at the top, making it easier to keep track of them. This function ensures you don’t miss any crucial updates or conversations, enhancing your relationships and professional interactions.

4. Keeping Track of Ideas

Creative thoughts or inspirational ideas often strike unexpectedly. If you use text messages to jot these down, pinning them ensures their preservation. This practice can be helpful for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, or anyone whose work depends on spontaneous creativity. By keeping these ideas visible, you ensure they don’t get lost in a sea of texts. It’s an easy method to safeguard your creativity.

5. Shared Information

In group conversations, pinning a message amplifies its visibility. Shared information such as meeting minutes, decisions, or relevant documents can be pinned for all to see. This practice enhances team collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page. It reduces the risk of misunderstandings and keeps team communication transparent, fostering a smoother workflow and improved project outcomes.

6. Save Media

Media files such as photos, videos, or audio files are often shared via text messages. If a specific file is crucial, pinning the corresponding message keeps it handy. Whether it’s a memorable photo, an essential video briefing, or an important voice note, pinning ensures you can revisit these files easily. This feature is valuable for both personal memories and professional requirements.

7. Bookmark Conversations

There are times when a conversation is so interesting or meaningful that you wish to revisit it. By pinning these conversations, you create a personal archive. It might be a deep discussion, a funny chat, or an insightful dialogue. Pinning these allows you to easily revisit the memories or insights shared, enhancing your personal growth and fostering meaningful connections.

8. Highlight Sentimental Messages

Life’s most precious moments are often captured in simple texts. By pinning heartfelt messages from loved ones, you create a digital keepsake box. These could be messages of love, encouragement, or celebration. Keeping these special sentiments at the top of your inbox serves as a constant reminder of the joy and love in your life. It’s a simple way to bring a smile to your face every time you check your messages.

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