How to Pin a Tweet to the Top of Your Twitter Profile


Maybe you tweeted something prolific and you want everyone who visits your Twitter profile to be reminded of how funny or witty you are. Or maybe you tweeted out a link to a product or service you’re selling that you want to make sure has a lifespan that extends beyond that of a normal tweet. No matter the reason Twitter makes it easy to pin a tweet to the top of your profile.

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Steps to Pin a Tweet to the Top of Your Twitter Profile

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll land on your Twitter home screen.
  2. Tap your Twitter profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu and then tap “Profile.” You’ll land on your Twitter profile screen.
Tap your Twitter profile icon, and then tap Profile.
  1. Make sure “Tweets” is selected, and then navigate to the tweet you want to pin to the top of your Twitter profile.
Tap Tweets.
  1. Tap the ellipses inside of that tweet to open a menu, and then tap “Pin to Your Profile.” A window pops up letting you know that this tweet will appear at the top of your profile and replace any previously pinned tweets.
Tap the ellipses inside of that tweet to open a menu, and then tap Pin to Your Profile.
  1. Tap “Pin.”
Tap Pin.

That screen will close and you’ll now see that tweet is pinned to the top of your Twitter profile.

That screen will close and you'll now see that tweet is pinned to the top of your Twitter profile.

Reasons to Pin a Tweet to the Top of Your Twitter Profile

1. Highlighting Important Information

A pinned tweet can serve as an effective billboard for essential details. Consider an author with a new book launch. They may pin a tweet about the book’s release date, creating a continuous reminder for followers. This technique can also be beneficial for business owners sharing special offers, or educators posting resource links. By putting critical details upfront, the user ensures the information remains highly visible.

2. Promoting Content

Twitter users frequently share content they’ve created elsewhere, like a blog post, YouTube video, or podcast episode. A pinned tweet advertising this content can function as a standing invitation. This ensures it’s the first thing new visitors see, potentially driving higher engagement and click-through rates. This strategy allows content creators to increase the reach of their work beyond the initial tweet’s lifespan.

3. First Impression

A pinned tweet plays a significant role in shaping first impressions. Upon visiting a profile, the pinned tweet is likely the first tweet a person sees. It can succinctly convey the user’s personality, interests, and values. It’s like an introduction, offering an immediate understanding of what to expect from their tweets. This feature allows users to shape their online image consciously.

4. Keeping a Popular Tweet Visible

A viral or popular tweet often acts as a drawcard for a profile. When a tweet receives many likes, retweets, or replies, pinning it can maintain this visibility. This strategy can attract new followers, drawn in by the viral content. It allows users to capitalize on the popularity of a single tweet over an extended period.

5. Featuring Work or Achievements

Twitter is often a platform to share success stories and accomplishments. By pinning a tweet about a significant achievement, users showcase their skills or talents. It could be a completed project, an award, or a special recognition. This acts as a digital trophy cabinet, presenting the achievement to every visitor and reinforcing the user’s capabilities.

6. Highlighting a Cause or Campaign

Pinned tweets can serve a higher purpose by raising awareness for social causes or campaigns. Users may pin a tweet related to a charity they support, a political campaign they endorse, or an environmental cause they advocate for. This pinned tweet acts as a persistent voice, amplifying the message even when the user tweets about other subjects.

7. Directing to Other Social Platforms or Websites

Users can use pinned tweets to guide their followers to other platforms. For instance, an artist might pin a tweet with a link to their portfolio, encouraging potential clients or fans to explore their work in more detail. Similarly, business owners might share their website or Instagram account, creating a seamless transition between their online presences.

8. Creating a Permanent Greeting or Message

Some users craft a permanent greeting or message in their pinned tweet. It’s a welcome sign for new followers and a reminder for existing ones. It might express gratitude, share a motivational quote, or include a personal mantra. This type of pinned tweet adds a touch of personalization to the user’s profile.

9. Aesthetic Purposes

A well-chosen pinned tweet can enhance the overall aesthetic of a Twitter profile. Aesthetic considerations might include the tweet’s visual content, the tone of the message, or its alignment with the user’s personal brand. This way, the pinned tweet contributes to a cohesive visual and thematic narrative.

10. Showcasing Testimonials or Positive Feedback

Users may pin tweets featuring positive feedback or testimonials about their work. This could be a complimentary review of a book they’ve written, or appreciation for a service they’ve rendered. Such pinned tweets build credibility, acting as endorsements that could influence prospective clients, customers, or followers.

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