How to Pair JBL Live Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth Device


JBL Live wireless headphones offer a lot of features at a great price. For example, they have great battery life, offer noise cancelling, give you the option to hear ambient sound, have Alexa and Google Assistant integration, and more. Pairing your JBL Live wireless headphones with a Bluetooth device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Android, only takes a few seconds.

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Steps to Pair JBL Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth Device

  1. Push up on the “Power” button located on the back of the right ear cover to turn on your JBL Live wireless headphones. Note that if this is your first time powering on the headphones, you’ll hear the following sound after turning them on (hear sound in video). This sound indicates your wireless headphones are already in pairing mode. Additionally, you’ll see the blue power light on the back of the right ear cover start blinking. If you boot up your JBL Live wireless headphones in pairing mode, skip to Step 3. If not, continue to Step 2.

  1. Press the “Bluetooth” button located along the bottom of the right ear cover. You’ll hear the following sound (hear in video). That sound indicates that your JBL Live wireless headphones are in pairing mode. Additionally, the blue power light on the back of the right ear cover will start blinking.
  2. Ensure that the ability to connect to a Bluetooth device is enabled on the device you want to connect to your JBL Live wireless headphones, and then view the list of available Bluetooth devices you can connect to. For example, on an iPhone or iPad, you would navigate to “Settings” and then “Bluetooth” to display the Bluetooth screen, and then slide the toggle to the right of Bluetooth to the right side of the screen to ensure it’s enabled. On the most recent version of Android, you would need to go into the Settings app on your device, tap “Connected Devices,” and then “Bluetooth” to arrive at the Bluetooth screen, and then make sure Bluetooth is toggled on.

  1. You should see JBL Live wireless Bluetooth headphones in the list of available devices to connect to. Tap the name of your JBL Live wireless Bluetooth headphones. The device should immediately show as connected on your device screen. Additionally, the power light on your headphones will go from blinking to solid, and you’ll hear the following sound come through your headphones (hear in video). You can now listen to audio from your connected Bluetooth device through your JBL Live wireless headphones.

5 Reasons to Pair JBL Live Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth Device

1. Wireless Freedom

Say goodbye to tangled wires and limited movement. Pairing your JBL Live headphones with a Bluetooth device allows you to roam freely while enjoying your music or podcasts. This is perfect for everything from intense workouts to cleaning the house. The freedom to move without yanking a cord out of your device not only preserves the life of your headphones but also keeps your device safe from accidental drops during sudden movements.

2. Easy Access to Controls

Bluetooth pairing transforms how you interact with your audio. With your JBL Live headphones connected, you can play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume directly from the headset. This means no more fumbling for your phone in your pockets or bag. It’s especially useful when you’re commuting or in situations where it’s cumbersome to handle your primary device. Quick and intuitive controls make your listening experience seamless and much more enjoyable.

3. Enhanced Sound Quality

JBL Live headphones are known for their superior sound, and Bluetooth connectivity ensures you get the best audio experience wirelessly. The latest Bluetooth technology supports various audio codecs that enhance the clarity and richness of sound that streams from your device to your headphones. This means crisper highs, deeper bass, and an overall clearer sound, making every track sound as good as it possibly can.

4. Multi-Device Connectivity

One of the coolest features of modern Bluetooth technology is the ability to connect to multiple devices. This multi-point connection capability means you can pair your JBL Live headphones with your phone and laptop simultaneously. Switch effortlessly between taking a call on your phone and listening to a video on your laptop. This feature is a game-changer for professionals and multitaskers who need to stay connected across several devices throughout the day.

5. Extended Battery Life

Bluetooth technology has become incredibly efficient, ensuring that both your device and your headphones conserve as much power as possible. When you pair your JBL Live headphones, you’re likely to notice that they don’t drain the battery of your connected device quickly. This efficiency allows you to enjoy long hours of listening without worrying about charging your headphones or device frequently. It’s perfect for travelers, long commutes, or extended work sessions where you need your music to keep you going without interruption.

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