How to Mute the Beeping Sound When PS5 Turns On or Off


You know that iconic beep every time your PlayStation 5 powers up or shuts down? And have you ever wished you could mute that beeping sound and make it go away? Well, you’re in luck, because with Sony’s latest PS5 update, you have the ability to either change the volume of that beeping sound, or to mute it entirely.

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Steps to Mute the Beeping Sound When PS5 Turns On or Off

  1. Navigate to your PlayStation 5 home screen, and then click the “Settings” icon toward the top of the screen. The Settings screen is displayed.

  1. Choose “System” in the list of options. The System screen is shown.

  1. Select “Beep Sound” in the menu on the left side of this screen. You’ll see options associated with the PS5 beep sound on the right side of the screen.

  1. If you don’t want to turn the PlayStation 5 beeping sound completely off but instead just want to change the volume, you can click “Volume” and then choose either medium or low.

Alternatively, if you do want to turn the PS5 beep sound off, click “Mute Beep Sound” to toggle that option on. Going forward you’ll no longer hear the beep sound at all when your PS5 turns on and off.

Reasons to Mute the Beeping Sound When PS5 Turns On or Off

1. Disturbance

The beep sound, in some contexts, can seem louder than intended. Especially in quiet rooms or serene environments, this sharp noise can disrupt the peace. For individuals who value tranquility, especially in their personal spaces, any sudden sound can be jarring. Whether they’re meditating, reading, or simply relaxing, the last thing they’d want is their PS5’s beep breaking the silence. It’s essential to respect individual preferences for calm, especially within their homes.

2. Late-Night Gaming

For night owls and gamers who prefer playing after dark, the beep sound becomes an unwelcome guest. Imagine engrossing oneself in a late-night gaming session only to be reminded of the hour by a piercing beep. It’s more than just personal disturbance; it’s about ensuring roommates or family members aren’t jolted awake. Preserving the stillness of the night benefits everyone in the household.

3. Sleeping Infants

Parents understand the importance of not waking a sleeping baby. Infants have irregular sleep patterns and ensuring they get rest when they can is vital. The beep from a PS5 can easily startle a baby, turning a peaceful moment into one of chaos. Parents, already navigating the challenges of new parenthood, value anything that makes their journey smoother. A quiet environment, free from sudden beeps, provides one less thing to worry about.

4. Recording and Streaming

In the world of content creation, sound quality is paramount. Streamers and YouTubers need a clean audio environment to engage their audience effectively. An unexpected beep can throw off not just the creator but also the viewers or listeners. Consistent and controlled sound ensures that the focus remains on the content, without unwanted distractions. For those building a brand online, every aspect of their production matters.

5. Personal Preference

Every individual has a unique sensory threshold. For some, the PlayStation 5 beep sound might not just be a minor inconvenience; it might be genuinely bothersome. Our preferences shape our experiences, and something as simple as a sound can influence how we feel about a product. Respecting and catering to these personal nuances ensures that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

6. Sensitive Pets

Pets, like humans, have varied reactions to different sounds. A dog or cat might become agitated or scared by sudden beeps. Over time, they might even develop an aversion to the area around the PS5, associating it with unpleasantness. Pet owners naturally want to ensure their furry friends feel safe and at ease in their homes. Turning off the PS5 beeping sound is a step in that direction.

7. Multimedia Set-Up

For movie buffs and audiophiles using the PS5 as part of a multimedia set-up, sound purity is crucial. The beep, though brief, can disrupt an immersive cinematic scene or a poignant moment in a song. When the line between gaming console and home theater system blurs, every sound the PS5 makes becomes part of the broader auditory experience. Keeping it seamless and undisturbed enhances the viewing and listening pleasure.

8. Avoiding Attention

There are moments when turning on a gaming console needs to be a discreet affair. Maybe it’s a quick game during a study break or a brief escape from a hectic day. The last thing one needs in such moments is a telltale beep announcing their actions. A silent PS5 start-up ensures that their little escapade remains just that – a personal, uninterrupted moment.

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