How to Mute or Unmute Someone on Instagram


Instagram is a great way to share your activity with friends and family, and to keep up with what friends, family, brands and influencers are doing. Whether someone has taken over your Instagram feed, or if you want to remain friends with someone but you’re tired of what they’re posting and you just want to take a break, Instagram makes it possible to mute content from specific people. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Mute or Unmute Someone on Instagram

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll land on your Instagram home screen.
  2. Open the profile for the Instagram account you’re following that you want to mute to view that profile.
  3. Tap the “Following” drop-down to display a menu, and then tap “Mute” in that menu. Another menu appears where you can use toggles to mute posts or stories from that account. Set the toggle to on for any of the Instagram content types you want to mute from that account. You’ll no longer see any of the type of content you muted from that Instagram account going forward. You can return to that screen at any time to adjust the toggles when you want to unmute someone.

5 Reasons to Mute Someone on Instagram

1. Avoiding Spoilers

There’s nothing worse than having your favorite show spoiled by an over-enthusiastic Instagram friend. Muting these individuals can safeguard your viewing experience. This feature is crucial during seasons of popular series like “Game of Thrones” or during major sports events. It’s an effective way to stay on your social media without stumbling upon key plot twists or final scores you’d prefer to see firsthand. By muting, you keep your feed spoiler-free and still maintain online friendships. It’s a non-confrontational solution to a common problem, ensuring your entertainment surprises remain intact.

2. Reducing Negative Content

Exposure to constant negativity can be draining. If someone frequently posts upsetting or controversial content, muting them can be a quick fix. This doesn’t mean unfollowing or blocking, which could lead to social repercussions or awkwardness. Muting simply hides their posts from your feed, helping you maintain a healthier online environment. This action allows users to tailor their social media experience to be more uplifting or at least less confrontational. By controlling what you consume, you actively contribute to a more positive mental state and well-being.

3. Managing Overposting

Some users flood their followers’ feeds with excessive posts, whether about personal life, incessant selfies, or every meal they eat. When someone’s content overwhelms your feed, it might detract from your enjoyment of other friends’ posts. Muting such users helps manage these disruptions without offending anyone by unfollowing or blocking them. It keeps your feed balanced and enjoyable, making sure you don’t miss out on posts from others you care about. It’s a tactful way to control the flow of information on your own terms.

4. Personal Time-Outs

Occasionally, you might need a break from certain individuals in your online circle without permanently altering your relationship status. Whether it’s due to a falling out or just needing space, muting provides a temporary respite. This function acts as a soft boundary, allowing you time to breathe without cutting ties. It’s beneficial for cooling off periods, especially if the alternative might be a more drastic measure that could damage a relationship in the long run. It’s a discreet way to handle personal dynamics on social platforms.

5. Preventing Work-Life Overlap

For those who mingle professional contacts with personal on Instagram, muting can help maintain a work-life balance. Perhaps a colleague posts too frequently about non-work related matters, or their posts simply aren’t relevant to your interests. Muting such accounts can prevent your feed from getting cluttered with professional overlap, allowing you to enjoy your social media leisure time. This is particularly useful for maintaining professionalism while also safeguarding your personal space online. It ensures that your leisure time isn’t constantly intersected by work-related content.

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