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The PlayStation 5 is loaded with great features that take console gaming to the next level, such as ray tracing, 4k and 8k support, HDR support, a new DualSense controller, and more. One of the few downsides is the PS5’s shape, with an outer shell that makes it a little awkward to put in a fixed position. To address this Sony ships a base with the console that can be used to position your console either vertically or horizontally. In this video I’ll show you how to put the base on for either position. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Install PS5 Base Vertically

  1. Set your PS5 vertically so the bottom is facing up. You should see a row of vents and your device’s copyright information.
  2. Insert a fingernail or flat-head screwdriver underneath the edge of the screw cap, and then lift to remove that cap. You’ll see a slot for a screw.
  3. Grab the outer part of the base and move it around the edge to position it like you see in this picture on the screen.
  4. Turn the PS5 base upside down. You’ll see a screw on the bottom. Lift this screw out to remove it.
  5. Align the base along the edge of the back part of the bottom of your PS5, and then push to slide it into place so that the hole for the screw in the base lines up with the hole for the screw in the bottom of your PS5.
  6. Insert the screw in the slot, and then use a quarter or a flat-head screwdriver to secure it into place. Now, you can turn your PS5 over and stand it on it’s base vertically.

Steps to Install PS5 Base Horizontally

  1. Grab the outer part of the PS5 base and move it around the edge to position it like you see in this picture on the screen.
  2. Looking at the back of your PS5, locate the characters imprinted on the interior part of the white shell next to the USB ports. Position the indents on the outer part of the base so that they cover each of the outer characters, and then press the base firmly into place.

You can now set the PS5 on its side, where it will sit comfortably on the base.

5 Reasons to Install a Base on PlayStation 5

1. Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

One critical reason to install a base on your PS5 is to boost cooling efficiency. The PS5’s high-performance components generate significant heat during operation. A well-designed base elevates the console, improving airflow around and under the device. This increased ventilation prevents overheating, protecting internal components from heat damage. Better cooling translates to smoother gameplay and extended hardware lifespan. Users will notice fewer performance throttles under heavy use. Thus, a base is not just an accessory; it’s a safeguard for your investment.

2. Improved Stability

Installing a base on your PS5 enhances its stability. Modern gaming setups can be bustling places. Without a base, the PS5’s tall, narrow design makes it susceptible to tipping. A stable base keeps the console securely upright, even when nearby activity is at its peak. This security is crucial for those with pets or young children. Moreover, stability prevents accidents that can lead to costly repairs or replacements. Investing in a base means investing in peace of mind.

3. Space Optimization

Space optimization is another significant advantage of using a base for your PS5. Gaming areas often have limited space. A base can help organize and declutter the area by providing a designated spot for your console. Some bases include additional storage for games and accessories. This helps maintain a clean and efficient gaming environment. Optimizing your space with a base can make your gaming setup more enjoyable and functional.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

A base can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your PS5. Today’s gamers value not only functionality but also style. Bases come in various designs and finishes, allowing for personalization of your gaming setup. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist look or something bold and thematic, there’s likely a base that fits your style. An attractive base turns your PS5 into a centerpiece rather than just another appliance.

5. Easier Connectivity

Finally, a base can facilitate easier connectivity. It raises the console, making ports more accessible. This is especially helpful for gamers who frequently switch between multiple peripherals. Easier access to ports means quicker setup changes and less fumbling behind the console. Additionally, some bases include extra USB ports, enhancing connectivity options. This is ideal for players who use VR headsets, external drives, or other accessories that require multiple connections.

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