How to Hide Your Phone Number in Signal by Creating a Username


Are you looking for a way to communicate securely on Signal while keeping your phone number private? Signal, known for its strong encryption and privacy features, has introduced the ability to create a username, allowing you to connect with others without sharing your phone number.

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Steps to Hide Your Phone Number in Signal by Creating a Username

  1. Tap your profile icon at the top of your Signal home screen to open a menu, and then tap “Settings” in that menu. Your Signal settings screen opens.

  1. Tap your name at the top of this screen.

  1. Tap “Username.” If you see a New Ways to Connect screen tap “Set Up Your Username” on this screen.

  1. Enter the username you want to be associated with your Signal account. As you start typing you’ll see two sections, one section where you can enter your username and another where you can enter a set of numbers. This combination of the username and numbers that you enter will comprise your full username.

  1. Tap “Done” after entering in your username. You’ll be routed back to the Profile screen, where you’ll see your username field is populated with your new Signal username.

5 Reasons to Hide Your Phone Number in Signal by Creating a Username

1. Privacy and Security

Many users value their privacy and security. By using a username instead of a phone number, they can communicate without revealing personal information. This is especially important for those who worry about being tracked or monitored. A username helps keep their identity concealed, reducing the risk of unwanted contact. It also prevents potential stalkers from easily obtaining their phone number. This added layer of anonymity is crucial in an age where personal data breaches are common. Using a username ensures that only trusted contacts know their phone number. This way, users can avoid spam calls and messages. It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain control over who can reach them.

2. Professional Boundaries

People often use Signal for both personal and professional communication. Separating these two aspects of life is essential. By using a username, they can maintain a professional presence without sharing their personal phone number. This helps in keeping work and personal life distinct. It also prevents clients or colleagues from contacting them outside of work hours. Maintaining professional boundaries is crucial for mental health and work-life balance. A username allows for easier management of communication channels. It ensures that professional contacts can reach them without breaching their personal privacy. This separation helps in maintaining a clear distinction between work and personal interactions.

3. Safety Concerns

Individuals facing safety concerns, such as victims of harassment or abuse, benefit greatly from using a username. This method helps them communicate without revealing their phone number. It provides a layer of protection against their abuser or harasser. Keeping their phone number private helps in avoiding unwanted or threatening calls and messages. A username ensures their safety while still allowing them to stay connected with trusted contacts. This anonymity is crucial in maintaining their peace of mind and safety. It also helps them avoid any potential digital tracking or stalking. Using a username can be a significant step towards regaining a sense of security.

4. Online Interactions

In the digital age, many people interact with strangers online. This includes joining groups, forums, or participating in social media discussions. Using a username instead of a phone number protects their identity in these scenarios. It prevents strangers from accessing their phone number, which could lead to harassment or spam. Online interactions can be unpredictable, and maintaining anonymity is key to staying safe. A username allows them to engage in discussions without compromising their privacy. This is especially important in large, public groups where not everyone can be trusted. By using a username, they can protect their personal information while still participating actively.

5. Personal Preference

Some users simply prefer using a username for convenience. It allows them to have a consistent identity across various platforms. A username can be more memorable and easier to share than a phone number. It also provides flexibility in managing contacts and communication. Users can change their username if needed, without changing their phone number. This adaptability is appealing to many, as it offers greater control over their digital identity. Personal preference plays a significant role in how individuals choose to manage their privacy. Using a username in Signal aligns with their desire for a seamless and customizable communication experience.

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