How to Hide Chat in Twitch Mobile App


The Twitch mobile app is great for following and keeping up with your favorite streamers. However, when you turn your device on its side to watch the stream in landscape mode, the Twitch chat is prominently displayed on the right side of the screen, blocking a healthy part of the stream. Thankfully, if you don’t care to be active in the chat you can hide the Twitch chat on your mobile device to reclaim that precious onscreen real estate.

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Steps to Hide Chat in Twitch Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the Twitch stream where you want to hide the Twitch chat.
  2. Turn your mobile device on its side so the Twitch stream is displayed in landscape mode. You’ll see the Twitch chat on the right side of the screen.

  1. Tap the Twitch stream to bring up the onscreen menu.
  2. Find the Hide Chat icon in the onscreen menu. The Hide chat icon features a chat bubble icon with a line through it. Tap the “Hide Chat” icon. The Twitch chat will immediately be hidden. You can tap the screen again at any time and tap the “Chat” icon to bring the chat back up.
Tap the Twitch stream to bring up the onscreen menu. Tap Hide Chat.

The Twitch chat will immediately be hidden.

Reasons to Consider Hiding the Chat in the Twitch Mobile App

1. Limited Screen Space

Mobile devices offer less screen space compared to larger devices. Hiding the chat enables viewers to maximize the available space for the stream. This helps in enhancing the overall viewing experience by allowing the audience to see more details, making the content more enjoyable. Viewers appreciate being able to focus on the visual and auditory aspects of the stream without the chat taking up valuable screen real estate. The improved visibility makes it easier to follow the action and appreciate the streamer’s skills or creativity.

2. Distractions

Twitch chat can be a source of distractions, especially during high-pace or intense moments in a stream. With chat participants sharing memes, emotes, and engaging in unrelated discussions, viewers might find it difficult to concentrate on the stream. Hiding the chat ensures an uninterrupted experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the content without being sidetracked by off-topic chatter. By eliminating these distractions, viewers can better appreciate the streamer’s performance, commentary, and the game or activity being showcased.

3. Toxicity

Toxicity in the Twitch chat can negatively impact a viewer’s experience, with some participants resorting to harassment, hate speech, or spamming. This behavior creates an unwelcoming environment that can be off-putting for viewers. Hiding the chat allows individuals to avoid exposure to such negativity, promoting a more enjoyable and stress-free experience. By focusing on the stream rather than the chat, viewers can continue supporting their favorite streamers and enjoy the content without being affected by toxic comments or actions.

4. Spoilers

When watching streams related to movies, TV shows, or games, viewers may encounter spoilers in the Twitch chat. These spoilers can ruin the experience for those who want to discover the content for themselves. Hiding the chat can help viewers avoid unwanted spoilers and maintain the excitement and surprise elements of the content. This way, viewers can fully appreciate the story, gameplay, or events unfolding on the screen without having their experience diminished by premature revelations.

5. Streamer Interaction

Some viewers prefer to concentrate on the streamer’s reactions and commentary instead of reading the chat. In cases where the streamer does not engage with the chat frequently, viewers might find the chat less relevant or valuable. Hiding the chat encourages viewers to focus on the streamer and their performance, fostering a deeper connection with the content creator. This approach allows viewers to better understand the streamer’s thought process, strategies, and insights without the interference of chat noise.

6. Personal Preference

Some viewers prefer a Twitch experience similar to traditional TV or movies, without the chat component. These individuals enjoy the simplicity of focusing on the content without engaging in conversation or reading comments from others. Hiding the chat caters to this personal preference, creating a more streamlined and straightforward viewing experience. By eliminating the chat, viewers can immerse themselves

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