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Because the Kindle Fire is so reasonably priced, it’s easy to get devices for everyone in your house. And while the ability to access your profile on any other device associated with a family member is nice, it can be annoying. Whether you want to hide your child accounts so they aren’t tempted to use your Kindle Fire, or you want to remove everyone’s profile but yourself so you can just have a device to yourself, Amazon makes it easy to hide profiles on your Kindle Fire.

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Steps to Hide a Profile on Kindle Fire

  1. Navigate to your Kindle Fire tablet’s home screen, and then tap to launch the “Settings” app. You’ll land on the Settings screen.
Tap Settings.

  1. Scroll down this menu, and then tap “Profiles and Family Library.” The Profiles and Family Library screen is displayed.
Tap Profiles and Family Library.

  1. Find the profile you want to hide on your Kindle Fire in either the Adult Profiles or Child Profiles sections, and then tap that profile to open the information screen for that profile. In this example, I’ll open one of my child profiles to hide it so it isn’t accessible on this device.
  2. Navigate to the General Settings section, and then tap to turn the toggle next to “Show Profile on Lock Screen” off. A window pops up, letting you know that a hidden profile will not be displayed on your lock screen, and that you can return to this area to unhide a profile at any time.
Tap to toggle off Show Profile on Lock Screen.

  1. Tap “Hide Profile.” The toggle will be turned off and that specific profile will be hidden going forward on your Kindle Fire. You can return to this section and turn the toggle back on to unhide that profile at any time.
Tap Hide Profile.

Reasons to Hide a Profile on Amazon Fire

1. Privacy Concerns

Protecting privacy is important for many users of Amazon Fire tablet. Hiding a profile can keep apps, games, and other content private, and prevent others from accessing it. With a hidden profile, users can keep sensitive information secure. This feature makes it easy for people to keep their personal content separate from content they are happy to share with others.

2. Sharing with Others

For families or friends who share an Amazon Fire tablet, hiding a profile provides a way to keep personal content separate. Users can set up a hidden profile for each individual, making it easy to manage and access the content they need. With separate profiles, Amazon lets everyone can have their own personalized experience on the tablet.

3. Child-friendly Content

Parents can create profiles for their children on an Amazon Fire tablet and restrict access to certain apps or content that they deem inappropriate. This feature helps parents to ensure that their children only have access to safe and educational content, while keeping adult content out of reach. By hiding the profile, parents can keep a close eye on what their children are accessing on the tablet.

4. Organizational Purposes

For users with multiple purposes for their Amazon Fire tablet, hiding a profile can be a great way to keep them organized. Whether for work, personal, or entertainment, separate profiles allow users to access the content they need quickly and easily. This feature can help users to be more productive and efficient, as they no longer need to sift through multiple profiles to find what they are looking for.

5. Security Reasons

Keeping sensitive information secure is critical, and hiding a profile on an Amazon Fire tablet can help to achieve this. Whether it’s financial information or personal details, users can keep their information secure by hiding the profile. This feature can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, giving users peace of mind when using their tablet.

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