How to Get Rid of the Red Tint in StandBy Mode on iPhone


The StandBy Mode feature on iPhone is a great way to use your phone as a large screen display for clocks or widgets while you’re not using your device. However, by default, night mode is enabled when you use StandBy Mode, which puts a red tint around your display. Thankfully, if you’re not a fan of the red tint and want to get rid of it, you can easily do that.

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Steps to Get Rid of the Red Tint in StandBy Mode on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. You’ll land on the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down this screen until you see StandBy Mode, and then tap “StandBy Mode.” The StandBy Mode screen is displayed.

  1. Find the Display section, and then tap to toggle off “Night Mode” in this section. Going forward the red tint that you previously saw in the background on StandBy Mode on your iPhone will be gone.

Reasons to Get Rid of the Red Tint in StandBy Mode on iPhone

1. Aesthetic Preference

Aesthetic appeal significantly impacts the user experience. A red tint on an iPhone screen during standby mode can be unappealing to many, altering the sleek design Apple is known for. Some users find satisfaction in the crisp, clear display, and a red hue might distract from this aesthetic. It’s about personal preference, and while some might find it quirky, others see it as an eyesore. A clean, unaltered display is what many users strive for to maintain the classy feel of their devices.

2. Accurate Color Representation

In professions like graphic design or photography, accurate color representation on a device’s screen is crucial. A red tint can alter the color balance, making the display unreliable for color-critical work. It’s imperative for professionals to see colors precisely as they are, ensuring the final product appears as intended. An unwanted red tint interferes with this accuracy, making the device less useful for professional tasks that require a meticulous color display.

3. Visibility and Readability

Visibility and readability are essential for every user. A red tint could potentially hinder visibility, especially in various lighting conditions. It may cause strain or difficulty in reading text, viewing images, or simply navigating the device. Especially for individuals with vision impairments, a clear, untinted screen is vital. Overcoming such a tint might demand additional effort, making the device less user-friendly. Ensuring a clear display without any unwanted color alterations promotes better visibility and an overall better user experience.

4. Perceived Defect

Users often perceive a red tint as a defect or malfunction in the device. It’s natural to expect a flawless performance from a high-end device like an iPhone. Encountering a red tint may trigger concerns regarding the device’s functionality and longevity. Addressing such inconsistencies promptly is typical as users seek to maintain their device in optimal condition. A flawless screen is synonymous with a well-functioning device, making the removal of the red tint a priority for many.

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