How to Find Sale Books on Audible


Audible is a great service for buying and listening to audiobooks. And there’s no better way to build your collection than by taking advantage of Audible’s deals and buying books on sale. And while Audible always has a wide variety of books on sale, you won’t find them on the mobile platforms where you probably use Audible the most — Apple and Google. Audible only lists on-sale books on its desktop website so it doesn’t have to pay a fee for any sales made through those mobile platforms to Apple or Google.

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Steps to Find Sale Books on Audible

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to the Audible website, and then sign in to your Audible account if prompted. You’ll land on your Audible home screen.
  2. Click “Deals” in the menu along the top of the screen. You’ll land on the Audible Deals screen.
Click Deals in the menu along the top of the screen.
  1. You’ll see books that are on sale listed at the top, followed by members-only deals. As you scroll down you’ll see more options for Audible books that are on sale. And eventually you’ll land on the Audible daily deal.
You'll see books that are on sale listed at the top, followed by members-only deals.
As you scroll down you'll see more options for Audible books that are on sale. And eventually you'll land on the Audible daily deal.

Tips to Find Great Deals on Audible Audiobooks

1. Audible Membership

Audible membership benefits are substantial for avid audiobook listeners. Subscribing to a plan grants access to exclusive deals and discounts. Members receive free monthly audiobook credits. They also enjoy additional purchase discounts. This can be a cost-effective way to grow your collection.

2. Daily Deals

Daily deals offer an opportunity to snag audiobooks at reduced prices. Audible selects a title for deep discounts each day. Regularly visiting the Audible website or app can reveal these special offers. This strategy ensures you don’t miss out on any amazing deals.

3. Whispersync for Voice

Whispersync for Voice enhances the Kindle eBook experience. It allows seamless switching between reading and listening. This Amazon service connects Kindle eBooks with their Audible counterparts. Owning a Kindle eBook often leads to a discount on the corresponding audiobook.

4. Sales and Promotions

Sales and promotions on Audible create chances to save money on your favorite titles. Events such as 2-for-1 deals or genre-specific discounts are common. Paying attention to these promotions helps maximize your audiobook budget.

5. Bundle Deals

Bundle deals provide an opportunity to purchase multiple related audiobooks at a lower cost. These bundles often include a series or a collection by a specific author. Bundles are an economical way to obtain several titles simultaneously.

6. Price Matching

Price matching ensures you receive the best deal for an audiobook. If you find a lower price on another platform, contact Audible’s customer service. They may match the price or offer credit for the difference. Price matching prevents overspending on your favorite titles.

7. Social Media and Newsletters

Social media platforms and newsletters provide up-to-date information on Audible’s offerings. By following Audible and subscribing to their newsletter, you stay informed about sales, promotions, and new releases. This allows you to take advantage of deals as they arise.

8. Audible Plus Catalog

The Audible Plus Catalog enhances the listening experience for Audible Plus members. This catalog includes thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content. Members can listen to this content without using their monthly credits. The catalog offers a diverse range of listening options.

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