How to Disable the Suggested Contacts Row When Sharing on iPhone or iPad


Maybe you want to safeguard against sharing content with the wrong person. Maybe you’re just looking to reduce the clutter in the menu for sharing content. No matter the reason Apple makes it easy to disable and remove the suggested contacts row in the menu for sharing content.

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Steps to Disable the Suggested Contacts Row When Sharing on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll land on the Settings screen.
  2. Scroll down this screen until you find Siri and Search, and then tap “Siri and Search.”

  1. Scroll down this menu until you get to the Suggestions from Apple section, and then tap to toggle off “Show When Sharing” in this section. Going forward, the suggested contacts row will no longer be displayed in the menu for sharing content.

Reasons to Disable the Suggested Contacts Row When Sharing on iPhone or iPad

1. Privacy Concerns

Privacy is paramount for many iPhone and iPad users. The suggested contacts row can inadvertently reveal personal communication patterns to onlookers. When attempting to share content, others nearby might see who a user frequently contacts. Such unintentional disclosures can make users uncomfortable, especially if they prioritize discretion. By disabling this feature, users safeguard their private interactions from the prying eyes of friends, family, or strangers. Keeping one’s communication preferences private is an essential step in controlling personal information.

2. Accidental Shares

Mistakes happen, and the ease of the suggested contacts feature can sometimes be its downfall. A user might tap a contact unintentionally, leading to unintentional sharing of content. Such mishaps can cause confusion, embarrassment, or even strain relationships. If content meant for a close friend accidentally goes to a work colleague, it could lead to awkward situations. Disabling the suggested contacts row on an iPhone or iPad minimizes the risk of these blunders.

3. Reduced Clutter

A streamlined interface is often more user-friendly. For some, the suggested contacts row on an iPhone or iPad feels like unnecessary clutter. By removing it, users enjoy a cleaner, distraction-free sharing experience. A less cluttered screen can make navigation smoother and the user experience more pleasant. Minimalistic design principles emphasize simplicity and focus, and for users who value this, disabling the suggested contacts is a step towards a cleaner interface.

4. Preference for Manual Selection

Some users trust their choices over automated suggestions. Relying on manual selection gives them full control over their sharing decisions. It ensures they pick the right contact every time, eliminating the chance of algorithmic errors. For these individuals, the act of manually selecting contacts becomes a deliberate and thoughtful process. It brings clarity and certainty, ensuring that shared content always reaches its intended recipient.

5. Outdated or Irrelevant Suggestions

Algorithm-driven suggestions aren’t always spot on. Sometimes, they present contacts that are no longer relevant to the user. Interactions change over time, and what was once a frequent contact might now be an occasional one. Displaying such contacts can be misleading and cause unnecessary confusion. Users might wonder why certain suggestions appear, leading to a disrupted sharing experience. Disabling the suggested contacts row on an iPhone or iPad ensures users only see current, relevant contacts.

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