How to Disable Safari Link Preview on iPhone or iPad


By default, when you long-press a link in Safari on your Apple iPhone or iPad you’ll see a preview of what the page that link will take you to looks like. While this has its benefits, it can expose you to unwanted viruses, as that preview does effectively load the link on your device. Thankfully, if you’d rather not take on that risk, you can easily turn off Safari link previews on your device.

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  1. Launch the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad, and then navigate to any site that has links on it. In this example I’ll use the ESPN website.
  2. Perform a light long press against any of the links on the screen. A preview window of that link opens, along with a menu of other options for that link.
  3. Tap “Hide Preview” at the top of this window.

The Safari preview will be hidden, and in its place you’ll just see a link to that URL. Going forward you’ll no longer see Safari previews of sites when you open this menu. You can re-enable Safari previews at any time by re-opening this screen for any link, and then tapping “Tap to Show Preview.”

Reasons You May Want to Consider Disabling Safari Link Previews on iPhone or iPad

1. Privacy concerns

Disable Safari link previews to protect your personal information. Websites track your activity and collect data about your browsing habits, which can compromise your privacy. By hiding link previews, you can prevent websites from accessing your information and secure your online presence.

2. Security reasons

Keep your device secure by disabling Safari link previews. Malicious websites can access sensitive information and infect your device with malware when you click on a preview link. Protect your data by hiding these links and avoiding potential security threats.

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