How to Disable Rest Mode on PS5


Maybe you would prefer to shut your PlayStation 5 off completely every time after using it to conserve energy. Maybe you don’t want software or system updates to be installed in rest mode, and you’d rather control when those happen. Or, maybe you’re worried about connected peripherals experiencing issues while your PS5 is in rest mode. No matter the reason, Sony makes it easy to completely disable rest mode on your PS5.

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Steps to Disable Rest Mode on PS5

  1. Navigate to your PlayStation 5 home screen, and then click “Settings” at the top of this screen. You’ll land on your PS5 settings screen.
Navigate to your PlayStation 5 home screen, and then click Settings at the top of this screen.
  1. Choose “System” in the list of options. The System screen is displayed.
Choose System in the list of options.
  1. Click “Power Saving” in this menu. PS5 power saving options are shown on the right side of this screen.
Click Power Saving in this menu.
  1. Click “Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.” You’ll land on a screen where you can choose how long your PS5 can stay inactive before it automatically enters rest mode.
Click Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.
  1. Click “During Media Playback” to open a drop-down menu, and then click “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” in this menu.
Click During Media Playback to open a drop-down menu.
Click Don't Put in Rest Mode in this menu.
  1. Click “While Playing Games” to open another drop-down menu, and then click “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” in this menu.
Click Don't Put in Rest Mode in this menu.

Going forward rest mode will be disabled on your PlayStation 5 and your device will no longer go into rest mode regardless of how long there is no activity on it.

Reasons to Disable Rest Mode on PS5

1. Power Consumption

Power consumption is a concern for many environmentally-conscious individuals. Rest Mode on the PS5, although energy-saving compared to a fully operational state, still draws electricity. Over an extended period, this minor usage can accumulate, leading to a slightly higher electric bill. People aiming to minimize their environmental footprint or save on utilities might see this as wasteful. While the energy difference might be minimal, every bit counts. Such consumption might not align with an individual’s eco-friendly goals or budgeting efforts.

2. Unexpected Updates

Automatic updates can be a double-edged sword. The PS5’s Rest Mode allows games and software to update without user input. While this can be convenient, not everyone appreciates unscheduled changes. Some players might want to review update logs, or they might want control over their bandwidth. Automatic downloads can alter gameplay or unexpectedly occupy network resources. A gamer’s experience might be significantly changed without their prior knowledge or approval.

3. Safety Concerns

Every piece of technology has potential flaws. There have been sporadic reports of PS5 issues stemming from Rest Mode usage. Whether these issues are hardware malfunctions or software glitches, some users might want to avoid potential risks. Disabling Rest Mode on your PlayStation 5 becomes a preventive action for those wary of encountering these problems. It’s a way of minimizing potential pitfalls and ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

4. External Hard Drives

External hard drives expand the PS5’s storage capacity. Yet, coupling them with Rest Mode can sometimes result in problems. There have been accounts of data corruption and other unpredictable behaviors. To protect their precious data and game progress, users might opt to turn off Rest Mode on their PS5. This proactive approach reduces the chances of unexpected data losses or drive malfunctions.

5. Habit or Preference

Historical habits die hard. Many users have grown accustomed to turning off their devices when not in use. This practice, which may stem from older tech experiences, remains ingrained in their routines. The mere existence of Rest Mode might be a deviation from their norm. Beyond habits, personal preference also plays a part. Some users might simply feel more comfortable knowing their console is completely off.

6. LED Light

Ambience matters, especially in home settings. The PS5’s LED light emits a glow during Rest Mode. In dark rooms, such as bedrooms, this glow can be bothersome. It might interrupt sleep or create an unwanted distraction. For users who value a completely dark environment, disabling Rest Mode on their PlayStation 5 becomes a practical choice. It ensures the console remains unobtrusive during inactive periods.

7. Short Play Sessions

Rest Mode offers quick startup times, which can be valuable for regular players. However, for those who engage in short, infrequent play sessions, the benefits might be negligible. They might not require the fast access that Rest Mode provides. For them, conserving energy and ensuring the console remains entirely inactive becomes a higher priority. Their gaming patterns don’t necessitate the Rest Mode advantages.

8. Hard Reboot

A complete power cycle can be therapeutic for electronics. It helps clear temporary data and offers a system refresh. Regularly doing so can potentially enhance the device’s performance. By disabling Rest Mode, users ensure that the PS5 undergoes frequent full reboots. This might provide a more consistently smooth gaming experience and longer console life.

9. Noise

Every sound matters in a quiet environment. Although the PS5 is generally silent in Rest Mode, it’s not entirely noise-free. Sensitive users might pick up on this slight hum. To ensure peace and quiet, turning off Rest Mode on a PS5 becomes essential. It’s a small step that contributes to a serene ambiance, especially during periods of rest or concentration.

10. Surges or Outages

Electrical stability isn’t guaranteed everywhere. In regions with frequent power outages or unpredictable surges, using Rest Mode might endanger the PS5. Sudden power cuts or voltage spikes can cause damage. For users living in such areas, turning off Rest Mode is a safeguard. It’s a measure to protect their investment and prolong the console’s operational life.

Reasons to Keep Rest Mode Enabled On PS5

1. Faster Startups

Rest mode ensures the PS5 quickly springs back to life. A full reboot can be time-consuming. With rest mode, the waiting time diminishes significantly. Instead of going through the entire startup process, the console picks up right where it was left. For gamers eager to dive back into action, this convenience is invaluable.

2. Background Downloads

Rest mode empowers the PS5 to handle downloads efficiently. Game updates, system patches, and other essential content get downloaded in the background. Players can avoid the frustration of waiting for updates when they’re eager to play. With rest mode, the PS5 ensures everything is ready when you are.

3. Charge Controllers

The PS5’s USB ports stay active in rest mode. This functionality allows gamers to charge their DualSense controllers effortlessly. It ensures that controllers are always charged and ready for long gaming sessions. Keeping them charged minimizes interruptions during gameplay.

4. Lower Energy Consumption

Rest mode is an eco-friendly feature of the PS5. While it uses more energy than a full shutdown, it consumes significantly less than when fully operational. Gamers can enjoy the benefits of quick startups and background operations without a huge energy footprint. It’s a balance between functionality and sustainability.

5. Remote Play

Rest mode complements the PS5’s Remote Play feature perfectly. By staying in rest mode, the console remains ready for remote access anytime. This means gamers can stream their favorite games to another device effortlessly. It enhances flexibility and convenience for avid players.

6. Game Installation

The convenience of digital purchases shines with rest mode. When a game is bought from the PlayStation Store, the PS5 starts the download instantly if in rest mode. This ensures the game is installed and waiting for you, maximizing your gaming time.

7. Maintain Network Connection

Rest mode keeps the PS5 connected to the network. This continuous connection ensures timely notifications and keeps online features at their peak. Players stay informed and connected, even when they’re away from their console.

8. Safer for Game State

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes gamers need to pause suddenly. Rest mode safeguards your game’s progress. Instead of risking unsaved game data with a complete shutdown, the PS5 maintains the game’s current state, offering peace of mind.

9. Health Benefits for the SSD

Rest mode is gentle on the PS5’s Solid-State Drive (SSD). Constant power cycles can wear out electronic components. By utilizing rest mode, the SSD experiences fewer drastic power changes. This could contribute to a longer, healthier lifespan for the device.

10. Integrated Experience

The PS5 is designed to offer a seamless gaming experience. Rest mode contributes to this by ensuring the console remains updated and connected. This connection ensures that game hints, news, and other features stay current, providing a richer, integrated user experience.

Can the PS5 Overheat in Rest Mode?

Yes, the PS5, like any electronic device, can potentially overheat. This risk is present even in rest mode, though it’s typically lower than when the console is under full load during active gameplay. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Adequate Ventilation

The environment in which a PS5 sits significantly impacts its temperature. Proper ventilation ensures that the surrounding air dissipates heat effectively, allowing the console to breathe. Enclosed or tight spaces trap heat, leading to a rise in the console’s temperature. Thus, a spacious area with good airflow can help maintain a cooler PS5, prolonging its life and enhancing its performance.

2. Vertical or Horizontal

The orientation of the PS5 plays a role in its cooling efficiency. Sony provides guidelines on how to position the console, whether standing tall or lying flat. Using the official stand ensures stability and optimal airflow. Proper positioning helps distribute heat evenly and prevents any blockages in the vents.

3. Clean Environment

Dust and pet hair are adversaries of electronic devices. When these particles accumulate around the PS5, they can block vents, hindering efficient cooling. A clean environment not only supports optimal console operation but also contributes to a pleasant gaming setup. Regular maintenance can prevent performance issues related to dust build-up.

4. Regular Cleaning

Over time, even in the cleanest environments, dust finds its way into devices. By periodically clearing out the PS5’s vents, users can ensure consistent and efficient airflow. Dust-free vents support the internal cooling system, helping maintain a steady temperature and preventing overheating scenarios.

5. Room Temperature

The ambient temperature can directly influence the PS5’s cooling performance. A room that’s too warm or exposed to direct sunlight challenges the console’s ability to stay cool. Choosing a cool, stable location for the PS5 ensures that the device has a strong starting point for effective temperature regulation.

6. Avoid Stacking

Electronic devices generate heat. When other gadgets are stacked on or under the PS5, they can contribute to a combined heat output. This compounded heat can stress the PS5’s cooling system. Ensuring the PS5 stands alone prevents unnecessary temperature spikes and promotes a stable operational environment.

7. Update Firmware

Sony continuously works to optimize the PS5’s performance. By keeping the system software updated, users benefit from the latest enhancements. Some updates might address cooling and performance, ensuring the PS5 runs at its best and remains within safe temperature ranges.

8. Monitor Console

Active monitoring of the PS5 helps users identify potential overheating signs early. If the fans sound unusually loud or the console feels hot, it might need a cooling period. By being attentive to these cues, users can prevent prolonged exposure to high temperatures and protect their device.

9. Good Cable Management

Cables can inadvertently obstruct vents and restrict airflow. Organizing and managing cables ensures clear paths for cool air to circulate. A tidy setup not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also supports the PS5’s cooling efficiency.

10. External Cooling

Some users turn to third-party solutions for additional cooling assistance. These external cooling systems, specially designed for the PS5, offer an added layer of temperature control. They work in tandem with the PS5’s built-in cooling mechanisms, reinforcing the console’s ability to manage heat.

11. Check Hardware

The PS5’s internal components, like thermal paste, play crucial roles in heat dissipation. Over time, these components can degrade, impacting their efficiency. By keeping an eye on these internals, users can identify potential issues early, ensuring the PS5’s temperature remains within safe limits.

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